‘Kirik Party is the second-best film after Kantara’, Janhvi says Rishab Shetty is her ‘Idol’

Janhvi Kapoor, in a recent interview, heaped praises on Rishab Shetty and his film Kantara whom she recently met at a Round Table meet.

Janhvi praised Kantara once again

There is rarely any person who has seen the Kannada film Kantara and not hailed the performance of Rishab Shetty. From superstar Rajinikanth to Varun Dhawan and other newbies, everyone has been in amazement at this masterpiece.


Looks like Janhvi Kapoor, who was among the members of the round table meeting conducted by Film Companion along with Rishab Shetty, was driven to watch the film which she might have missed owing to her busy schedule. Later, Janhvi Kapoor praised Kantara and expressed her desire to be a part of a South film.

Janhvi Kapoor while speaking to Gulte.com expressed her love for Rishab Shetty’s work. Speaking about the Pan India impact the South Indian films have brought, she said, “I mean look at what happened to Kantara. It is a regional movie, and it was so specific about that town, that region, and their religious practices. It resonated so deeply with everyone because they showed their world and the truth. It was shot in a village but look at the scale of the film. I have surely become a huge fan of Rishab Shetty.”

Mili actress was unaware of Rishab

Janhvi Kapoor also tells how she was unaware that she was previously sitting next to Rishab Shetty (Film Companions’ interview), knowing less about him. “At that point in time (while sitting next to Rishab in Anupama Chopra’s show) I only heard about Kantara. I hadn’t seen the film. So I never knew that he was such an Icon, the idol, and the magnitude of what he has done.”


“I had only watched Kirik Party and it is a great film. But whatever he did in Kantara for the last 30 minutes, it’s so special,” Mili actress added.

Later, the 25-year-old also expressed working in a South Indian film and supporting the concept of the film industry as one and united.

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