Kirik Keerthi Reveals his Thought Process While Interviewing Drone Prathap; Responds To Criticism Raised

BTV anchor Kirik Keerthi released a video today, recounting his experiences of interviewing Prathap NM, and also the thought process behind his calm demeanor yesterday. The former Big Boss contestant also responded to the criticism that was leveled against him for his anchoring on Thursday.

‘Prathap was already in a depressed state’

As per Keerthi, many on the social-media had commented against his anchoring on Thursday. Many felt that Keerthi could have been louder against Prathap and could have reacted harshly to his fake statements.


However, Keerthi revealed that, after a tiring last few days, Prathap NM had been in a depressed state, and it was unfair on him to be hard on the youngster. The BTV anchor said that his job was to interview Drone Prathap and not interrogate him.

‘Prathap trusted us’

Keerthi said that the main reason why Prathap appeared on BTV and not other channels, was because he trusted that the channel would not insult him live on TV. Keerthi revealed that it was important for him to respect that.

Further, Keerthi opined that although he himself felt that a few of Prathap’s comments were contrasting, his job was only to present the facts that Prathap had come to the studio with. Moreover, he sensed that it was unfair of a young boy to be targeted in such a way on the media.


Regarding the abrupt interruption of Darshan’s interaction with Prathap, Kirik Keerthi said that Darshan was allocated a certain amount of air-time, and that had been completed by that time.

Well, going by Keerthi’s latest comments, his behavior on TV seems justified, and apt. As he repeated often in his video, it is time for us to step back, and think about the effect their comments could have on his young mind.