Kids, Don’t Take up Sports: Jimmy Neesham’s Tweeted After A Heartbreaking World Cup Defeat

A yet another heartbreaking final for New Zealand turned out against their favor. In the history of world cricket, it was the first time a World Cup final went till the Super Over after the two teams finished tied in a regular 50 overs. All-rounder Jimmy Neesham, who came out to bat for New Zealand with Martin Guptill in the super over failed to chase the target in the last ball. However, the result was decided by the number of boundaries hit in the super over as both the teams ended up in a tie once again in the Super Over.

Jimmy Neesham’s emotional Tweet

New Zealand all-rounder Jimmy Neesham who scored a six in the super over, was left shattered after their 1 run defeat in a nail-biting final of the 2019 World Cup at the hands of England. Neesham on his first tweet congratulated the team England on their win against them and told this day will be remembered for decades.


On his second tweet, he thanked all his fans for their support throughout the tournament.

But in his third tweet, all-rounder expressed his disappointment for the final loss yet again for the second time and advised kids not to take the sport as a career and asked them to do something else and die fat happily at 60.

New Zealand and England were equal with the core in a 50 overs game. It was super over that decided the winner of the ultimate trophy.  In the end, it was England who was declared the winner.


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