KGF Trailer in 24 Hours – A Record Breaking Trailer Which Is A Feat For Kannada Film Industry

kgf in 24 hours

When Yash delivered this dialogue in the movie Mr. and Mrs. Ramachari – ‘Naan Barovaregu Maatra Beror Hawa, Naa Band Mele, Nande Hawa’, it wasn’t a reality but the post-release of KGF trailer is proving it to be true.

Literally, the KGF trailer has taken the Internet by Storm and it is not an exaggeration even by a point of the needle. The movie which is going to be out in five major languages of India has released their trailer in all the five languages. Unanimously, the trailer is getting a record-breaking response from all across; a matter of pride for the Kannada industry. It’s been more than 24 hours to the release of the trailer. Let’s see the numbers and the records created by KGF trailer on today’s read.


KGF Trailer in 24 Hours

As far as the Kannada film industry is concerned, KGF trailer has broken all the previous records to become the most watched Kannada trailer online. The matter of fact is that all these records have been broken in a few hours of its release. After 24 hours, here is the break of the number of views that the KGF trailer has got – Analysing KGF trailer in 24 hours.

Total Trailer views in 24 hours: 16 Million and Counting.

kgf trailer in 24 hours

Break Of Total Views: 

Kannada – 5658365
Telugu – 3071951
Hindi -6242049
Tamil – 812660
Malayalam – 543170

Likes V/s Dislikes Ratio (24 hours)

If you look at the overall ratio of Likes v/s Dislikes to the trailer, on a whole, the trailer is loved by everyone. Dislike ratio is almost zero or rather it is negligible. This is an evidence to a hope of movie becoming a blockbuster hit owing to its kickass making and the storyline.


kgf trailer in 24 hours

And, the film experts and critics seem to be on the same page with the fans.

KGF Trailer Beats Chakravarthy’s Record in 35 Minutes

Yes, the trailer of Chakravarthy movie starring Darshan was the most liked Kannada trailer with 56,000 likes. However, KGF has broken that in 35 minutes. Now, the like count of KGF trailer is 2 lakh and counting. (Considering Kannada trailer alone).

kgf trailer in 24 hours

Top 5 Most Viewed Kannada Trailers Online

As mentioned earlier, KGF is now the most viewed Kannada trailers online. Here is the list of top 5 most viewed Kannada trailers online compiled for you.

KGF (Kannada) – 5.6 Million and Counting
Masthi Gudi – 4.5 Million
Kirik Party – 3.7 Million
Anjaniputra – 3.6 Million
Rajaratha – 3.6 Million


Another interesting fact to note here is that the KGF will be competing with Zero starring Shah Ruk Khan. Both of these movies are releasing on Dec 21st trying to give a blockbuster end to 2018. Let’s wait and watch. We are excited. Are you?

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