KGF To Compete With These 7 Big-Star Movies Releasing on December 21st

The KGF Hawa has already started across the country owing to its mind-sterling trailers followed by visuals and songs. On December 21st, not only Karnataka but Cinema buffs across the nation are eyeing on Karnataka’s KGF. It is a matter of pride for the KGF team for having taken their industry to a larger stage. So, when on such a huge scale, the competition is inevitable. You may already know about KGF competing with Shah Ruk Khan’s Zero in Bollywood but there’s more to it. If Zero is all set to match wits with KGF then South Industry has 6 movies ready to release on the same date. Here are the 7 Movies the KGF is going to compete with on 21st on a PAN India level.

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Zero V/s KGF

KGF V/s Zero is today’s most discussed topic for reasons we all know and have analyzed about. Zero is one movie that will give a tough competition to KGF both in North and South. Shah Ruk Khan as a star with a capacity to bring the audience to theatres, Zero is definitely beyond Bollywood. On the other hand, KGF getting dubbed to Hindi is also seen as a Big Cinema. So, if both of these movies do well then it will be a sure shot Box-office loot.

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Maari 2 V/s KGF

Dhanush is undoubtedly the biggest star in Tamil film industry. Maari 2 is all set to release on December 21st with a lot of expectations owing to the success of Maari. Since KGF is also releasing in Tamil, Maari 2 can be seen as a competition.

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Over these years, Vijay Sethupathi has grown as a star actor with success and content as a reason for his fame. As Vijay’s Seethakatti is also releasing on 21st, it will definitely have a clash with Maari 2. So, invariably a space of competition has been created for KGF.

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Adanga Maaru

As compared to Seethakatti and Maari 2, Jayam Ravi’s Adanga Maaru looks low in front of KGf. However, as per the source, it is also releasing on the same date.

kgf movies releasing in december 21st

Vishnu Vishal’s Silukkuvaaripatti Singam

Tamil actor Vishnu Vishal starring Silukkuvaaripatti Singam is also releasing on 21st and is said to be a comedy entertainer. It has ovia and rejina in the lead.

kgf movies releasing in december 21st

Varun Theja’s Anthariksham

Varun Theja is an actor from Megastar family and his movie Anthariksham is releasing on 20th of December. This movie may give competition to Yash’s KGF in Hyderabad and Telangana.

kgf movies releasing in december 21st

Padi Padi Leche Manasu

Another Telugu movie starring Sai Pallavi and Sharvanand, Padi Padi leche manasu is all set to release on 21st. This is not as Big as KGF but yes it is coming on the same date.

kgf movies releasing in december 21st

So, December 21st is a BIG Day for Indian cinema, especially for Zero and KGF. A matter of worry is the number of screens and the language distinction says film experts.

It will be interesting to see how it goes. We’ll definitely about it. Watch out this space for more updates.