KGF Fame Khasim Chacha Aka Harish Roy Is Battling Cancer, May He Get Well Soon!

One of the most prominent stars, Harish Roy who is known for his work and performances given in the Kannada Industry is going through a tough phase of life.

Diagnosed with cancer

Harish Roy is among the actors in the Kannada industry who have established his celebrated career by working in numerous Kannada movies and also got featured in various television series for which he got immense love and respect.


While he has acted alongside many South Indian biggies, Yash starrer KGF: Chapters 1 and 2 gave him national recognition. We can see his talent and passion in his acting skills performed in Prashanth Neel’s film as Khasim Chacha.

Roy has a massive fan following in his real life as many South Indian native speakers praise him for his achievements. That’s like a big win for him! But unfortunately, life has also brought him pain and misery. The actor is now suffering from throat cancer (4th stage).

In an interview hosted by Gopi Gowdru, the actor said, “Situations will gift you with greatness and also take away things from you. You can’t run away from fate. It’s been 3 years since I had cancer. While acting in KGF, there is a reason why I had grown a long beard. To hide my swelling neck caused because of this illness. I had delayed my operation because I had no money initially. I waited till the films were released. Now, the situation is worse and I am in my fourth stage.”


“While shooting a climax scene there was a time when I couldn’t breathe and suffocated a lot. My throat was taking a toll on me. And I never really discussed my illness with my team. I wanted the film to move smoothly,” the actor added.

Avoiding media

On being asked the reason why he avoided media and tried to hide this illness from people, the KGF actor said that he wanted money.

“I know it’s too late now, but I had no choice I needed money. If I had told people about my illness, I feared that I will not get any offers from films. I have even made a small video on my Mobile Phone where I have spoken about my situation. In a worse situation, I had planned to share this video on my social media accounts. But that didn’t happen yet.


Here’s the video:

A person suffering from cancer can make him/her feel removed from everyday life. It can be a time of dreadful, overwhelming loneliness paired with feeling out of control. This is the time to remain strong. Sending good vibes and positive thoughts to Harish Roy. Hearing you battle your way towards health has been inspirational for us. Get Well Soon!