KGF: Chapter 2 Honest Twitter Reviews, It Is Yash Who Is ‘Meaner, Leaner, Stronger’

In KGF Chapter 2 Rocky Bhai becomes the ruler of the goldfield after killing Garuda. But his challenges become even bigger when he finds giant competitors in the form of Adheera and Ramika Sen. The film is full of action and a bit of twist in the tale to shock the audience. Find out what Twitter is saying about Rocky Bhai’s mass performance.

All about KGF 2

KGF: Chapter 1 which has set the tone for its sequel, was all about establishing the purposes and power of Rocky Bhai. The film begins with the narration from Vijayendra Ingalagi (Prakash Raj), the son of Anand Ingalagi. In quick succession, Rocky wins over the people of KGF and he is now dreaming bigger and walking more dangerous paths.


Throughout the journey, Rocky is seen smashing his enemies and conquering every challenge put in front of him. But will he be able to face the might of Adheera, and the virtuous Prime Minister Ramika Sen? There is a lot of twist in the tale in the movie, which is better experienced in the theaters. In the end, the moviemakers have hinted at a possible third chapter.

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