‘KGF: Chapter 2 Has The Potential To Do Rs 100 Crore Gross In Tamil Nadu’: Experts

KGF Chapter 2, a Kannada film has been released pan India today. Prashanth Neel’s film is receiving a massive reception and it has become the first Kannada film that has broken all the box office records and reached a milestone. Not just in Karnataka, the film was a success in other states as well, especially Tamil Nadu. Experts however believe that the sequel ‘KGF Chapter 2’ will earn a lot more.

KGF 2 in Tamil Nadu

Analyzing the pan Indian film ‘KGF 2’ which was released today, it is most expected that ‘Beast’ will be affected in Tamil Nadu. As the Thalapathy starrer will collect more than KGF 2 in the home state, the Yash starrer also has a chance to reach the 100 crore mark in Tamil Nadu. Analysts reportedly added that ‘Beast’ will earn more than Rs 130 crore worldwide in the first weekend.


Ramesh Bala who happens to be a trade analyst from Tamil Nadu believes that Yash stareer has the potential to collect 100 crores gross in the state. In a Tweet, he wrote,
“KGFChapter2 has the potential to do ₹ 100 crs gross in TN”

He further praised KGF Chapter 2 and called it the movie for the masses.

Distributor and president of the Tamil Nadu Theatres’ Association Tirupur Subramaniam informed that Beast will be released on more than 800 screens, while KGF 2 will be in limited shows of only 250 screens. “Bookings are great for both films, but KGF 2 has really taken us by surprise,” he said.


The clash between Vijay and Yash

SR Prabhu, who is releasing KGF 2 across Tamil Nadu, doesn’t agree with the term ‘clash’. “This is not a race. This is simply the audience finally getting the opportunity to accept mixed content. Nobody is asking them to watch just one film,” he says.

While Beast is still dominating in Tamil Nadu on account of the star status of Vijay, Prabhu believes that the content of KGF 2 will speak for itself.

“The first film has been celebrated by all sections of the audience, and the second film will now have an international audience as well. People from everywhere are marking the franchise even before the release of the second film. Do you remember the effect Bahubali had? KGF 2 is a similar spectacle.”


The producer is releasing the film in multiple languages in the State and shares that exhibitors will decide on the language selection. “The Tamil version will retain the majority of shows but theatre owners will decide the percentage of other languages based on an understanding of their region and demand. Multiplexes in Chennai and a few other cities will screen the Hindi version while towns located near the border will choose to play the Kannada version.”