A Whopping 12000 Retweets Finally Made Amazon Prime To Announce The Release Date Of KGF Chapter 1

KGF Chapter 1, the blockbuster hit directed by Prashanth Neel has broken many records in the box office and has won the hearts of numerous fans. Rated highly by most critics and a majority of viewers, the film has a rating of 8.8 in IMDb and has over 95% of viewers liking the film.

With the film being such a hit, theatres have been crowded and it’s impossible to be someone who hasn’t seen this masterpiece. But if you are one of the minorities who hasn’t seen this film for some reason, worry no more. KGF Chapter 1 is set to release on Amazon Prime Video from February 5.

The Yash starrer will release on Amazon Prime in four languages – Kannada, Telegu, Tamil, and Malayalam. The digital rights for the film were clinched by Amazon which soon flooded twitter with tantalizing tweets and teased netizens with the release details. Amazon had been torturing everyone with hints and teases of releasing KGF Chapter 1 for a couple of days now.

kgf on amazon prime

A tweet from Amazon prime video asking for 5000 retweets to release the film garnered over 12000 retweets within a short span of time! Unfortunately, they trolled everyone with just the release date – 5th of February which isn’t really far away unless you’re a die-hard fan who can’t wait. In that case, we do relate. Twitter users have responded very positively to the news and many have bought the Amazon Prime Video subscription just to watch the famed movie.

The Kannada film which first released in December 21st, 2018 has become a super hit with one of the biggest openings in Kannada cine history. Having made over 240 crores in the box office, the film is the highest grossing Kannada movie of all times and is expected to reach even greater heights. The film has been breaking record after record and has gained a massive fan following.

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This Is How People Are Excited To Catch KGF Chapter 1 on Amazon Prime


Boss, Hindi is not the National language of India but still, people can understand your feelings. Hahaa! 

The success of the film has got fans impatient for the second installment which is set to start its shoot soon.

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