KGF 3: Rocky Is Still Alive And These Fan Theories Can Make Even Prasanth Neel Go WOW

KGF Chapter 2 ends on an emotional note where Rocky dies in a missile attack by the navy and he gets drowned in the ocean along with the containers of gold and we never see what happens next. So is he alive or really dead? Let’s find out what may happen in KGF 3.

Rocky Bhai is still alive?

After the success of the KGF: Chapter 2, followers are eagerly waiting for KGF: Chapter 3. Lots of fan theories are going around and right now there is a gossip that Rocky must have escaped the death and is still alive.


In the ending scene, it is shown that PM Ramika Sen’s (Raveena Tandon) military action against Rocky drowns him in the sea, where he prefers death. Later, we see Rocky’s lifeless body descending to the bottom of the ocean. Anyone would think this is to be the conclusion of the franchise. But the question arises; Why Rocky had faxed the Indonesian and US Navy despite knowing that he will be getting killed by the Indian Navy alone? Is he going to get rescued by any one of them after he drowned? The answer remains unknown.

However, the credits scene changes the entire assumption. The worker dusting off books in Anand Ingalagi’s library, the same place where the second part was found, he discovers another file with the title ‘KGF: Chapter 3’. It is a big indication that Rocky’s story, or at least the story of KGF, is still unfinished.

What is the story for KGF 3?

Now the question comes to mind that-what will be the story for KGF 3? The answer itself is in the Post credit scene. One of the guys tells Ramika that the CIA and Gulf country is Behind Rocky too, which means in the next Chapter we may get to see how Rocky ruled in Europe and Gulf.


But, some fans even say that rocky Bhai is Alive and could continue to fight Ramika Sen in the third sequel. The fans’ theory says that Rocky has escaped through a submarine provided by the Soviet Union. Well, this will lead to an entirely different story in the third part if Rocky is somehow alive. As promised by Yash earlier to Ramika Sen, if the latter starts the war it would be he who is going to end this. Sounds more reasonable, isn’t it?

Salaar connected to KGF

Interestingly, some of the fans have even pointed out the KGF’s connection with Salaar. They believe that the resemblance to one of the young boys, who is a Rocky Bhai’s die-hard follower is a likely connection to Salaar. The young boy Farmaan is shown as someone who takes on Adheera (Sanjay Dutt). But, while there is a reference to his death, netizens sense that his face is not shown and this could be a plan by the filmmakers.

There is another aspect linking Prabhas starrer Salaar, which is actress Eashwari Rao. Scanning the list of Salaar’s cast, Eashwari is said to be playing Prabhas’s mother, while she is also the mother to the character played by Farmaan in KGF. This has led to many assumptions on whether the two films of director Prashanth are connected and if he is trying to create a similar universe with his characters.


Further adding fuel to these speculations the title Salaar itself means Commander in Urdu. In KGF, this young boy is a supporter and a commander in Rocky Bhai’s army.

While the team has not revealed any of these assumptions, these fan theories have got many netizens excited as they have been busy trying to get an answer from Prashanth or anyone linked with the film.

Maybe, we should wait for the next chapter and also for the official release date for Part 3. Until then, nobody knows what will happen and it is only Prashanth Neel who can uncover the hidden truths.