KGF 2 To Be Out In 2020. Here’s The First-Hand Information About the Chapter 2 Of The Movie

kgf 2

While most of us can’t even get enough of KGF Chapter 1, there have been official announcements related to the sequel already! Given that the first installment has driven the fans crazy, and continues to do so, the news of the second one already is nothing short of awesomeness. Here’s what we know about KGF 2 so far.

Sanju Baba!

The first bit of news which drove the fans into a frenzy was that of Sanjay Dutt starring alongside Yash, and this would only bring more power to the movie! Currently, he is said to be roped in as the villain in the next sequel and has taken time out to read the script and get accustomed to his role. With the Hindi version of Chapter 1 generating 30 crores in the box office, Chapter 2 is sure to be bigger, better and meaner!

sanjay dutt kgf 2

The Shooting is already Underway!

The shooting for the sequel to the hit movie had already commenced while the first installment of the movie was being shot! From what we’ve heard, 15% of the shooting is already complete! This goes on to show the vision of the director and the dedication with which the entire team has worked together. This also calls for an insane sequel to a mind-blowing movie.


Summertime Shooting

While the team enjoys the reaction of the fans, they will resume shooting during summer, which will bring out the best in the crew, and will push them to work efficiently too, for shooting in the gold fields is not an easy task. Health hazards and tough weather conditions have however done little to hold back this determined crew from achieving greatness and glory.

kgf kannada movie news

Same Team, New Horizons

While there are no inclusions behind the scenes, the same team will be working together again, in a bid to bring another blockbuster in the summer of 2020, which has already gotten us waiting in excitement.

While there’s a lot of rumors and gossip going around, and a lot of official announcements being made, be sure to watch this space for more. Till then, Salaam Rocky Bhai!

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