Kerala Policewoman’s Humanitarian Act Of Donating Hair For Cancer Patients Is Winning The Internet

source: hindustantimes

A Kerala policewoman donated her long hair for cancer patients. She is a senior police officer from Kerala who has ignored feminine beauty ideas just to support cancer patients.

A humanitarian act by a female cop

Meet Aparna Lavakumar a senior civil police officer from Irinjalakuda in Thrissur district, who has donated her hair to make wigs for cancer patients. Challenging the beauty standards, the 46-year-old said, “My latest action did not deserve any attention at all. My hair will grow back in a year or two. For me, real heroes are the people who donate their organs for the needy. What is in a look? Your words and actions are important than your outside look,” she said.


Aparna is receiving popular praise around the country for her noble action. She was also appreciated by the Thrissur rural district police chief N Vijayakumar IPS, who granted her permission to get her hair tonsured. Her fellow officers also said that this was only a part of her humanitarian work and they take her as a role model.

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Aparna said, her shaved head, gives her a great opportunity to undergo the feelings of cancer patients and their fight against the disease.

“I used to give my hair regularly. But this time I thought of tonsuring completely after I came across a bald young boy, a cancer survivor. I found the boy was struggling to fit with his new appearance,” she said added.


Not her first noble act 

This is not the first time Aparna stepped in the feet of humanity, previously she was praised for donating her three gold bangles to a family which was struggling to settle a hospital bill of Rs 60,000 to get the dead body released. It is said that the officer was investigating a murder case in Ollur, Irinjalakuda, and decided to help the victim’s family who was financially week.

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Aparna tells that her appearance became news only because society still cannot accept women with short hair or no hair at all. “There are certain laws we have set for each gender. Now it is the time to break all of it.”

Talking about her humanitarian work, she said, “I think the gap between the police officers and the public reduces with such acts. Usually, the police are thought to be terrifying and don’t have a positive image among the public. I want to change this mentality by being more human,” she told.