Kerala MP’s Wife Sparked A Debate Over Rape Jokes

source: twitter

Kerala Congress MP Hibi Eden’s wife Anna Linda Eden has surrounded herself with criticism as she knowingly or unknowingly posted a controversial statement on rape. She explains that Fate is like rape, and if someone cannot resist it, they should try to enjoy it. However, being a law student and a journalist, it is obvious people will protest the incident for the sake of being a public figure.

Anna Linda Eden’s rape joke

Ainda Eden, journalist, and wife of a Congress MP from Kerala, in a Facebook post, wrote that ‘Fate is like rape, if you can’t resist it, then try to enjoy it’. The post also carried two videos of her child being rescued from water-logged home following heavy rains in Kochi on Monday and another one which showed her husband Hibi Eden having icecream.


source: twitter

After the post went viral, the Journalist got immense criticism for her remark as people believed her post was ‘disheartening’ to survivors and their families. However, the post was taken down on Tuesday morning after widespread criticism on different social media platforms, hashtags like #SayNoToRapeJokes and #EndRapeJokeFilth trended on Twitter.

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