6 Things To Know About Kengal Hanumantaiah – A Man Behind Bengaluru’s Vidhana Soudha


Kengal Hanumantaiah is a well-known name in the political circle of Karnataka and India. His contribution to Indian society and the overall welfare of the country is quite huge. Here are a few things about Kengel Hanumantaiah that mark him a visionary who was ahead of his times.

Named After Village Deity

Born on 15 February 1908 in prominent communities of Vokkaliga family in Karnataka in a small village Lakkappanahalli, his parents named him after the name of village deity Kengal Hanumantaiah. It is the presiding deity of the village, a temple of Shri Hanuman.

2. Gave Up Practice As Lawyer To Join Freedom Movement

Hanumantaiah graduated in 1930 from Poona Law College. During his college days, he worked as the secretary of the Karnataka Sangha and Students Union. Later on, he joined the Bar Council. But he stopped practicing law and entered into the Freedom Movement under the Influence of Dr. P. Tandon who during those days was the President of the Indian National Congress.

kengal hanumantaiah

3. Went To Jail For More Than 9 Times

During his service to the country in the Freedom Movement, Kengal Hanumantaiah was jailed for more than nine times. Slowly his stature grew up from a sincere freedom fighter to a great leader and after India’s independence, he became one of the most influential leaders in the state of Mysore (today’s Karnataka).

3. Chief Minister Of Mysore State

In 1952, Hanumantaiah became the second Chief Minister of Mysore State. It was during this time that the then Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru launched the first Five Year Plan for National Development. Although the government of Hanumantaiah clashed with the agendas that were a part of this new plan, his government managed to achieve National Economic Growth target at the rate of 15%. Even today, his administration is considered one of the best in the history of Karnataka.

He also served the nation as the Union Railway Minister at the Central Government from 1971.

4. Contribution To Vidhana Soudha Construction

Vidhan Soudha or the Karnataka State Legislature and Secretariat is a world famous place. The lovely monument is one of the huge contributions to the country by Kengal Hanumantaiah. In those times the grand construction was one of the largest legislature cum offices in the country. Even today it attracts tourists all over the country and the world. Hanumantaiah is credited for the design of this construction who was impressed by the great monuments across the world which he saw during his visits to Europe, USA, USSR, and other countries.

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Facts about Vidhana Soudha

5. Realization Of Unified Karnataka State

Kengal Hanumantaiah is also credited for realizing the unification of all the Kannada speaking areas within the canopy of present Karnataka State. He played a significant role in bringing all such cities, towns, and villages who shared a common native language together.

6. Played Major Role In Constituent Assembly

He was one of the members of the Committee that drafted a Model Constitution for the states of India. He was a strong supporter of giving autonomy to the states and frequently argued and intervened on federalism issue.

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