Kavitha Reddy Issues Unconditional Apology For The Incident; Vehemently Denies Her Involvement In Moral Policing

Kavitha Reddy, the accused in the moral policing incident in Bengaluru, has issued an unconditional apology to Samyuktha Hegde, her friends, and everyone present at the park during the argument.

The two sides to the story

It was the ‘Kirik Party’ actress Samyuktha Hegde who came out first with the details about the incident. She posted a video on her handle and talked about the ordeal she had to go through.


As per her version, Kavitha Reddy opposed Samyuktha and her friends working out in revealing clothes at a park. The AICC member also attacked one of her friends, which was also seen in the video. Samyuktha also alleged that Kavitha threatened her to get her name in the drug scandal.

The former Big Boss contestant also revealed that the police were brought into the discussion. It is said that Kavitha manipulated the police and demanded an apology from the girls. She even got the park gates locked so that Samyukta and her friends could not go outside.

Kavitha’s version

However, later, Kavitha Reddy also let out her side of the story. While vehemently denying moral policing, Kavitha alleged that she questioned Samyuktha and her friends for playing loud music at a public spot. She even criticized Samyuktha for twisting the events and projecting a theory using her presence on social media.


Kavitha Reddy issues an apology

A couple of hours ago, after issuing her statement, Kavitha Reddy also released a short clip in which she apologized to everyone involved in the incident. In the clip too, Kavitha denied her involvement in moral policing.