Kavaludaari Trailer Looks So Incredible That We Just Can’t Wait To Discover The Suspense

kavaludaari trailer

Kavaludaari looks like an exciting suspense thriller which would just leave us ‘put under the magic spell’ till the end. The movie seems to be all about two Bangalore cops investigating an old case which puts their wit, resolve and morals to the test. Now the inquisitive is all about ‘will they be able to solve it’?. Well, that’s something we ought to wait for, to break this suspense.

With the punchline ‘To see the truth, you have to first become blind to all the lies’ probably talks about the challenges during the investigation process in the movie which is factual truth and also like a warning given to the government bureaus these days. Movies like this which uphold the functioning or the roles of ‘supposed to be responsible sectors’ of the society definitely have a message to convey either depicting the flaws and fouls of the commissions or the ill traits of the officials.


The trailer opens with a traffic cop discovering mortal remains that could be connected to a decade-old case. The protagonist, played by Rishi, is obviously overqualified for managing traffic. He takes a personal interest in the investigation and it sends him down a rabbit hole of murder, mystery, and deceit. Well, kudos to the concept because this is what quite regularly happens to all those ‘personal interested’ cops, officers or investigators, etc especially in the state ministry trying to get to the roots and causes. Also, the Mr & Mrs. Naidu retro black and white suspense is real suspense though.


Veteran actor Anant Nag with his as always phenomenal screen presence plays a retired cop in the film. He seems to share his wisdom with Rishi in the latter’s efforts to take the case to its logical conclusion. Too many things happen in the one-minute 59-second trailer and it’s hard to say exactly what’s happening. But, what we can say for sure is the film promises to be an edge-of-the-seat thriller.


‘Samshaya nee sagutaa’ is one beautiful piece of track released so far rendering some real intensified morales hidden in its soulful lyrics along with conveying the movie gist.  ‘Samshaya nee sagutaa, aa bhaya bennerutaa’ has explained it all, well this talks about the numerous skeptical mindsets which simply leads you towards intense fear and dilemmas resulting disastrous to oneself. And finally saying ‘yelli hodarenu nillabeku neenu kavaludarige’. This throwing insight on the strength one must possess strong enough to face the twists and turns of life which is nothing but KavaluDaari (a split route).


Kavaludaari is bankrolled by actor Puneeth Rajkumar’s PRK Productions. It also stars Achyuth Kumar, Suman Ranganath, Roshini Prakash, and Siddartha Madhyamika among others putting up exceptional acting skills.




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