Kashmiri Woman’s Video Sharing Her Pain With Rahul Gandhi Goes Viral! Twitter Has Mixed Reactions

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Ever since the Modi government has abrogated Article 370, Kashmir has been making headlines every day for multiple reasons. Many political parties are using the issue to gain attention and score a point over its competitor. The valley has been on security lockdown since August 5 due to which no one from the opposition party has been able to reach the local people there. 

Since the phone lines and the internet were shut it has been difficult to get real information about the status of the region. However, now a heartbreaking video of a Kashmiri woman has become viral that shows her expressing fear to former President of the Congress Party Rahul Gandhi. 


Video Shows Kashmiri Woman Sharing Situation In The Valley 

The video shows the Kashmiri Woman narrating the dire situation in the Kashmir valley post the scrapping of Article 370. Rahul Gandhi is accompanied by other leaders from the Congress party including Anand Sharma, Ghulam Nabi Azad, and KC Venugopal who are patiently listening to this woman.   

The sobbing woman says, “Our children have not been able to move out of their houses. My brother is a heart patient and he couldn’t see the doctor for ten days. We are in trouble.” The incident occurred when Rahul Gandhi along with 12 other leaders from the Opposition were heading towards Delhi from Srinagar after they were sent back from the airport. The delegation wanted to assess the situation in the valley after the Article 370 was revoked.

As per reports, these leaders were disallowed to move out of the Srinagar airport and were sent back to Delhi.


The Situation Is Not Normal In Kashmir, Says Rahul Gandhi

While talking to the media, Rahul Gandhi said that all this shows that the situation in Jammu & Kashmir is not normal. He added, “Some days ago I was invited by Governor to visit Jammu and Kashmir. I accepted the invitation. We wanted to get a sense of what people are going through, but we weren’t allowed beyond the airport. Press people with us were mishandled, beaten. It’s clear that the situation in J&K isn’t normal.”

On hearing the stories of the people aboard the flight, Ghulam Nabi Azad, the senior Congress leader said, “The stories we heard from the passengers of Kashmir present in our flight, would bring tears even to a stone.”

Priyanka Gandhi immediately shared her concern over Twitter which was followed by mixed reactions from the netizens. 


Many users have condemned BJP Govt. 

There were a few who questioned the authenticity of the video and the Kashmiri woman.