Kashmiri Man Builds Solar Car In His Backyard After 11 Years Of Struggle, Want’s To Be India’s Elon Musk

In what can be described as one of the most amazing inventions, a man from the valley of Kashmir has made a solar-powered car in his backyard. This car is based on a Maruti Suzuki 800 model that has been modified to some capacity.

Solar-powered car

Bilal Ahmed, a resident of Sanat Nagar, Srinagar, has invented the affordable electric car that runs on solar energy. A mathematics teacher by profession, Bilal was always a car fanatic. Also, he loved studying cars and that’s why he spent 11 years building the car of his dreams and the ways manufacturers built these machines. From a young age, he studied luxurious automobiles. Meanwhile, one car that inspired him, in particular, was the DeLorean, the car that became the talk of the town after the release of the movie Back To The Future.


The motivation is clearly reflected in his car. Take a look:

“Cars like Mercedes, Ferrari, BMW are a dream for a common person,” he said, and added, “Only the rich can afford such cars. I thought it would be great to allow people a feeling of luxuriousness through this innovation.” Ahmed began by modifying the car after watching various videos and adding new features to it.

“In the beginning, I planned to make a car for the disabled, but due to some financial issues, I could not carry the project forward,” he said.


Talking about the economic point of the car, Bilal said he has so far spent a total of over 15 lakhs. In his innovation, he did not get any financial assistance from any sector and no one provided him with any financial assistance.

”If I would have got the necessary support, perhaps I would have been India’s Elon Musk,” said Bilal.