#KarnatakaJobsForKannadigas Trends On Twitter: Kannada Natives Are Losing Prominent Jobs To North Indians

karnataka jobs for kannadigas

#KarnatakaJobsForKannadigas became a trend immediately after it started on the social media platforms on May 4. It is a great irony that the native Kannadigas are losing out prominent jobs to North Indians in their own state.

The trend has been started to attract attention to the fact that several people in the state of Karnataka are losing job opportunities.


The trend is following the pattern of #TamilNaduJobsForTamils started on May 3 after several posts in the railway department were allocated to the citizens from North India currently staying in Tamil Nadu.

Social Activists Started #KarnatakaJobsForKannadigas  

Reports say that the social and Kannada activists started the trend #KarnatakaJobsForKannadigas around 6 pm on May 4. However, several tweets related to the issue had already started from the morning of Saturday.

Some tweets talked about getting violent whereas some suggested centralized states like in the US for better prosperity and growth.


The social activists and people involved in the movement are demanding that the job opportunities in the state should be given first to the people from Karnataka.

If they do not find any suitable native candidate for the position, only then should they consider taking candidates from other states. The people involved have inquired as to why many banks recruit employees when they cannot even speak the local language properly making it difficult for them to convey and converse with the bank account holders.  

In some of the tweets, people have said that natives of different states get jobs much quicker as compared to those living in the state.


CM Of Karnataka Responds: