Karnataka: Sunday Lockdown To Be extended For the Next Two Months?

Sunday Lockdown (2)

The state of Karnataka, as per its new guidelines, observed a complete curfew on the past Sunday in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. As per the guidelines, the 31st May will be the last Sunday where a complete lockdown will be observed.

After a week of relaxed lockdown where people living in places other than containment zones were allowed to move around the city, Sunday saw a complete lockdown in the city. Most of the services which were available in the week were shut for the day. The complete curfew began at 7 pm on Saturday and went on till 7 am on Monday.


Private vehicles too were not allowed to be on the streets. If it’s not for an emergency reason and the vehicle was caught by the police personnel, it was booked. However, those who had secured permissions to attend marriages and other ceremonies were allowed to move. Migrant workers who were traveling to other states were not be questioned.

Sunday Lockdown to be extended?

The first Sunday lockdown seems to have generated a good response throughout the state. The Medical Education Minister Dr. K Sudhakar submitted a report to the Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa seeking the extension of the Sunday lockdown rule. The Chief Minister is yet to take a decision on the matter.

Sunday Lockdown
Courtesy: The Financial Express

On the other hand, the number of coronavirus cases in the state soared past 2,000, and with flights resuming services, more people are expected to come to the state, and thereby there is bound to be an increase in the number of cases in the state. The lockdown phase 4 that was announced on the 18th of May will come to an end on the 31st as the government will look to introduce a new set of guidelines that is part of the exit plan for the COVID-19 pandemic.


As per the suggestion of the Medical Education Minister, the Sunday lockdown rule should be extended for at least two more months in order to have a chance at containing the coronavirus pandemic. However, the Chief Minister is expected to be chairing a meeting with the cabinet where he is going to take a decision on the same. The Chief Minister is also contemplating to use the method used by the neighboring state, Kerala. He has reportedly asked Dr. K Sudhakar to organize a video conference with the Health Minister of Kerala, KK Shailaja.

Source: News First Live