Karnataka: Students protesting for the Hijab to be seated in separate rooms, no entry in regular classrooms

The Hijab row has become a huge issue and the Govt PU College in Kundapura from where the issue seemed to flare up further has decided that Girls wearing hijab will be given a separate room by the college administration where they can sit. However, they will be admitted to the class only if they remove their hijab and wear the mandatory uniform.

The solution reached?

Mohandas Shenoy, the spokesperson for the PU College Development Committee, told the media that the 135-year-old college could no longer be publicly humiliated due to this issue and the Muslim girls who are protesting outside and wearing hijab will be given a separate room to sit in and study. However, they will only be allowed to join the regular classroom if they remove their hijab.


‘Latest visuals’ from the college shared by ANI showed some students wearing not ‘hijab’ but the full-body black burqa inside the campus.

The Controversy erupted in December 2021, when 8 students were not allowed to enter the classrooms wearing the Hijab. This issue also seemed to spread to other districts as well. Today we are seeing protests across several districts in Karnataka by students who are standing in solidarity with the girls.