Karnataka Records Highest Number Of COVID-19 Deaths And Discharges On The Same Day

Courtesy: Bangalore Mirror

In what was a bittersweet day for the state, Karnataka recorded the highest number of COVID-19 deaths and hospital discharges in a single day on Friday.

A Friday to forget and remember

On Friday, the state saw seven patients succumb to the virus. While four of them belonged to Bengaluru, two patients passed away in Kalaburagi and one in Hassan. So far, this has been the highest casualty reported in a single day in the state.


On the other hand, Friday also witnessed the maximum recoveries from the infection. 464 people walked out of the hospitals, thereby bringing a sigh of relief to the panic-stricken citizens.

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Courtesy: The New Indian Express

BBMP well prepared in case of an explosion

On Friday, the total number of cases in Bengaluru crossed the 600-mark. For a city that had contained the outbreak well, slowly, a few cracks are starting to open.

Nevertheless, BBMP Commissioner BH Anil Kumar said that the situation was well under control. He said that a lot of test results had accumulated in the last few days, thereby leading to a spurt in the number of cases. He reasoned out that since Bengaluru also has to conducts tests for samples from neighboring districts, the list of pending tests was high, and hence the sudden spike.


However, he said that the city is well prepared if there is an explosion. BH Anil Kumar said that BBMP has identified emergency ‘field hospitals’ like Kanteerava Stadium, Tripura Vasini, and Bangalore International Exhibition Centre facilities. He also said that, if these ‘field hospitals’ are made operational, BBMP could also bring in professionals from private hospitals.

Source: Bangalore Mirror