Karnataka Minister refuses to wear mask, quotes a statement by PM

Karnataka Cabinet Minister for Food and Civil Supplies, Umesh Katti was seen in a public event without a mask but what is alarming here is how he refused to wear one as well. In his refusal, he quoted PM Modi who has “it is individual’s responsibility”.

“The Prime Minister has said that no restriction will be imposed and that it (wearing a face mask) is an individual’s responsibility. Whoever wishes to wear a mask can do so. I am not interested in wearing it so I haven’t. It is my individual decision,” Said Umesh Katti.


At a time when the COVID 19 cases are on the rise in the state, this can be a perilous thing to do. Bengaluru in fact is one of the cities with a maximum number of cases, particularly of the Omicron variant.

This is not the first time a leader or a minister was seen doing so. This was also the scene with Jharkhand Congress MLA, Irfan Ansari who refused to wear a mask as he quoted doctors who said masks should not be worn for too long.

“Masks should not be worn for long. I am saying as an MBBS doctor that there should not be prolonged mask usage. One should wear a mask in crowds. There is no need to panic during this third wave of COVID-19. The symptoms will get cured in five-six days” he said.