Karnataka Lockdown 4.0: Here’s Why The Government Has Imposed Complete Curfew On Sundays

Sunday Curfew

Karnataka government came up with several relaxations to boost the economic activities and even prepare for an exit plan. With the relaxations, the state has also announced a total curfew on Sundays.

The netizens on social media have been confused and perplexed about the state government’s move to restrict activities only on Sunday. All the relaxations announced today will be exempted on Sunday. A section of people tried to understand while others took a jibe calling it an “unscientific” move.

The reason behind Sunday Curfew

Ever since the lockdown began, i.e. over 60 days ago, the governments have been striving to bring the situation back to normalcy as well as contain the spread of the virus. Despite the strict restrictions imposed by the central and state government, each day of the lockdown witnessed people breaking the guidelines. Some refused to maintain social distancing while some were on the roads for non-essential activities.

Recently, when the government allowed the liquor shops to open, the state saw massive crowds outside liquor outlets as social distancing went for a toss. At a time when the cases are soaring, the government cannot afford to take such risk. Keeping both economy and pandemic in mind, the Karnataka government has imposed the Sunday curfew.

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Courtesy: The New Indian Express

On Sunday i.e. holiday for most of the population that hasn’t stepped out in two months, if the shops are all open, there are high chances of extreme mobility of people on the streets without spaces for social distancing. Keeping this in mind, the government has announced such a measure.

Things that will be prohibited on Sunday Curfew

On Sunday curfew, there will be a host of things that will be prohibited. Those are:

  • Road Transport services like auto, taxis, and even private vehicles.
  • All shops will be closed except for the essential services of shops and hotels that provide only takeaways.
  • City buses and private buses will be prohibited.
  • The operation of trains that were announced recently will be suspended for Sunday.
  • Parks that are allowed to function on other days will be closed on Sunday.

However, all essential services will continue to operate as usual. People working in pharmaceutical industries will be allowed to move.