Karnataka Has The Second Highest Number Of Ventilators In India: Study

According to a study conducted by the New Delhi-based Center For Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy (CDDEP), Karnataka has the highest number of ventilators in South India, and the second-highest in the country.

Karnataka has the second-highest number of ventilators in the country

Karnataka has a total of 6553 ventilators, out of which, 4810 are in the private health sector. In the country, Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of ventilators. The northern state has a total of 7035 ventilators. Maharashtra has 5793 ventilators in all, and 4507 are in private hospitals.


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Courtesy: The Hindu

India has a total of 47481 ventilators

CCDEP is a research organization based out of Washington DC and New Delhi. As of April, as per the study, India has a total of 47481 ventilators. Of these, 17850 are in government health facilities.

Pankaj Kumar Pandey, the commissioner of the state’s health and family welfare department, said, “The data could be true of Karnataka. But I doubt if this data is reliable for other states. In states like Maharashtra, there are more private hospitals, and the number of ventilators could be more”. 

However, the study said that the capital of the country, New Delhi, has just 981 ventilators. A few feel that the data may not be accurate as there seems to be under-reporting in some states.


On the other hand, Dr. R Ravindra, president of Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes Association, felt that the number of ventilators in Karnataka could actually be more. He said: “There are more than 40 private medical colleges in Karnataka, each of which has no less than 40-50 ventilators.” 

Source: Times of India