Karnataka Government To Launch Free WiFi Services In Bengaluru. Here Are The Details

source: thenewsminute

Bengaluru to get free wifi soon which will cover 800 kilometers across the city. Citizens will have to wait for six to nine months to get the much-awaited public Wi-Fi access points. However, the network will be provided for only an hour per day, said the Deputy Chief Minister of the state.

Free wifi for citizens in Bengaluru 

In 2014, the government had announced free internet service to the citizens in Bengaluru, but due to some obstacles, the plan was halted. Speaking to the media at the Bengaluru Tech Summit on 21 November, Deputy Chief Minister C. N. Ashwath Narayan said that the city would get 4,000 WiFi hotspots all across the city.

source: thenewsminute

“Free high-speed internet for an hour per day will be provided to people across Bengaluru with the help of all interested players in the market,” said Narayan.

Wifi to be installed in  4,000 locations in the city

Sources say that the Karnataka government has partnered with ACT Fibernet to provide free WiFi connectivity. Under the plan, the first one hour of internet access would be free, after which people can prefer to pay for the WiFi at the rate of Rs 50 per hour. As part of the program, people who opt to continue using the WiFi will enjoy the constant speed of 15 Mbps.

source: thefinancialexpress

“Wifi zones will set up at close to 4,000 locations in Bengaluru at colleges, bust stops, hospitals among others based on the requirement. This has been a regular demand from the public and tourists and other stakeholders to have this kind of facility so that the needs can be met from the government,” added Narayan.

However, the project is still a proposal and ACT Fibernet has not confirmed any deal with the government yet.



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