Karnataka Government Omits Chapters Of Tipu Sultan And Hyder Ali From School Text Books

In an attempt to reduce the syllabus for the state board by at least 30 percent, the Karnataka government has left out topics on Mysuru region rulers Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali.

The reduced syllabus for the state board schools was uploaded on the official website of the Karnataka Text Book Society. The syllabus has been cut short by 30 percent and is limited to 120 working days. The move is to accommodate the syllabus in the remaining working days which has been tampered due to the novel coronavirus situation. In a bid to do that, the Karnataka government has reportedly omitted the chapters on Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan.


Tipu Sultan

However, the Karnataka government has come out and given clarification that they have not deleted the chapters. Made Gowda, the director of Karnataka Text Book Society said,

“We have not deleted Tipu Sultan or Hyder Ali. These changes were made by subject experts. We do not interfere in their work. Neither have we given any special instructions. They change it according to the priority of the topics. After all, 220 working days have been shortened to 120 days.”

Chapters Being Taught As Assignments

Interestingly, the chapters that are reportedly being omitted will be taught through assignments and have not been assigned separate classes for it. Powerpoint Presentations will be made to teach those subjects. In chapter 5 of the portion, Wodeyars of Mysuru, this has tampered. Along with this, the topics of Halagali Bedas and Kittur Chenamma-Rayanna have also been taught through assignments.

A couple of years back, there was a huge controversy that erupted in the political class of Karnataka when the BJP led government announced to remove the topics of Tipu Sultan. The move faced severe criticism which then was forced to form a committee that suggested retaining the topics.



Source: The Times of India