The Much Awaited Karnataka Election Results Are in Discussion. Social Media Goes Crazy and Read-Worthy


Karnataka Election was not just another political contest but it was a matter of pride for BJP and a do or die situation for Congress. All the drama and the Hungama that we witnessed over the period of months is going to come to an end. The results are yet to come out and BJP is slated to form the Government. If you had watched the live polls then you will definitely agree with us. While this Karnataka verdict has left most of us in splits, Twitterati in its own style, as always, never fell flat to entertain us with their kickass tweets. Here are a few of the best tweets on hashtags #KarnatakaVerdict and #KarnatakaResults.

Twitterati and Social Media Reacts to Karnataka Election Results

It is Proved Again

Oh, its Barkha Dutt





Bang On!

Who Did This?


Nailed It.


It is estimated that this Karnataka Elections results will have a direct impact on upcoming Loksabha Elections. Who do you think will make a mark this time? Let us know in the comments below. 
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