Karnataka CM Lashed Out At Crowd And Said,”You Vote For Modi But When It Comes To Help, You Need Me.”

HD Kumaraswamy is on ‘Grama Vaastavya’ or ‘village stay program’ and his next visit was Raichur district. The Karnataka CM’s visit turned out to be misery as a huge bunch of people blocked his path and formed a protest against him. In the meantime, the CM lashed out at the villagers after they questioned him of unemployment on Wednesday.

Angry Mob Blocked CM’s convoy

This event took place near Karegudda village of Manvi taluk, Kumaraswamy was on his grama yatra (village program) heading towards the village in a government bus. While reaching the inspection bungalow in Yermarus, his vehicle was stopped by a group of protesters.


Hundreds of members of Tungabadra Neeravari Valaya Hangami Karmika Sangha and Hutti Gold Mines Staff and Employees Union blocked his convoy for about 20 minutes demanding him to fulfill their long pending demands.

The angry protestors raised slogans against him and demanded solution over wages, unemployment, and other issues. The time came when HDK lost his cool and argued with the protesters by saying “When you have problems you come to me but when it is time to vote you vote for Modi.” He also warned them with a Police lathi charge, as the villagers questioned him meaninglessly. It was then Venkatrao Nadgouda (Minister) and other leaders who helped him calm down.

Source: ANI


Reason for the protest

This protest took place because earlier HD Kumaraswamy had agreed to meet them at the inspection bungalow and accordingly they waited for hours to meet him. But things were not in their favor and their efforts to meet the CM went on vain. The angry mob gathered in front of the building and generated a huge protest against HDK. Later they went to Yermarus cross to block the convoy.


According to the sources, around 748 labors working on the maintenance of Tungabhadra left bank canal, had not received a salary from the last 14 months and dint had any job security which had led to a huge protest.

When things were not looking under control, CM briefed the protesting leaders through the window of the Bus and promised them he would organize a meeting to solve all their problems as soon as possible. After this assurance from CM, the angry crowd then allowed the convoy to pass through.