Kareena Kapoor Khan Reveals She Considered Going For Surrogacy Before Conceiving Jehangir

In a country like India everything is “Special” for so-called celebrities or superstars of the country.The bolly artists make it more extravagant like no other person had suffered or conceived it.Well the media is even more responsible to boom such kinds of conversations.

One such exclusive chat with the Bollywood celebrity Kareena Kapoor khan opened up on her experiences during her pregnancy to a national media, where she claims to have enjoyed the moments to its fullest


Kareena Kapoor Says-She Enjoyed Her Pregnancy

Kareena Kapoor Khan has revealed that she and her husband Saif Ali Khan considered going for surrogacy before they conceived their second child, son Je.

In an exclusive interview she said;”I was like ‘should we do that? Should we do surrogacy? And, Saif’s instant reaction was ‘If we can have children, why not try and do it ourselves’? And, if that is the way God wants it (it may happen). It (surrogacy) was just like a fleeting thought. But he (Saif) was very clear, like ‘let us do it the right way and see if it happens’. Sure enough, that is how it happened. And, carrying both my children has been the greatest joy for me as well.”

She also added;She added, “I am happy I have experienced it (pregnancy) with both the boys. I actually enjoyed it all. I was one actor who actually did not give a damn. My face was bloated, my feet were bloated. I was all over the place. The best part is that my brands and a lot of people I work with did not really care about that. Having two children, it should not matter what size you are.”


Kareena Kapoor khan with her family

Saif Ali Khan Advising His Wife

“Pregnancies take their toll on your body; it takes you a while to return to shape. Kareena was worried about these things. When we first talked about having children, she even briefly wondered if she should consider a surrogate. But she then realised that everything in life needs your 100 percent. Once she had made up her mind, she was all in,”


Actors Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan are parents to two boys, Taimur and Jeh. The actor couple welcomed Taimur in 2016, when Kareena was 35 years old. Their second child, Jeh, was born in February this year.