Kapata Nataka Paatradhari Movie Review: Genuinely Entertaining With A Small Dose Of Everything

kapata nataka pathradhari

Prior to the release of this movie, director Krish stated that initially, his idea was to make a movie about the lives of auto-drivers. However, later, due to multiple changes to the script, Kapata Nataka Paatradhaari got a commercial flavor attached to it. Well, after watching the movie, we can conclude that this story deserved exactly this style of treatment.

Balu Nagendra of Hulirya and Sangeeth Bhatt have consumed the bulk of the screen-time in this movie, in which, very few other prominent characters are involved in the proceedings. Of course, this aspect works brilliantly for this movie. The makers were also spot-on while casting Balu and Sangeetha for the roles of Krishna and Rukmini respectively.


The movie starts with Krishna getting taken under custody for a case related to three missing men. He now narrates a series of events that had led to his current situation. Krishna’s flashback covers his personal & professional life, with an ‘Auto’ right at the stark center of it. Especially, the ‘Haunted Auto’ angle gives a fresh touch to the movie with the unbelievable consequences it leads to.

Debutante filmmaker Krish does make a statement with his screenplay and genuine entertainment that is on offer. Action, Comedy, Romance & Family-Drama all get a look in here. Of course, the ‘Horror/Supernatural’ thread adds a layer of interest to the on-screen happenings. Unlike the usual jump-cut & the cliched BGM that is often used to covey the ‘thrills’, Krish has stayed away from this system with his own version of execution. This definitely deserves a watch at the theatres.

As mentioned earlier, the lead actors occupy the majority of the run-time. Both Balu Nagendra and Sangeetha Bhatt are in top-form as their ‘realistic’ characters have been portrayed with a solid impact on the big screen. The likes of Kari Subbu and Prakash Thuminad also do a fine job in the movie.


With the run-time under 120 minutes, the audience is surely going to enjoy the ‘optimum’ time spent at the theatres. Of course, this could have further been made better by trimming a few unwanted scenes and songs. Nevertheless, the footprint stays intact with the final expression on the viewers’ faces that of satisfaction.

A genuinely entertaining movie with a small dose of ‘everything’ that you travel to a theatre for on the plate. This ‘Fake Drama’ does command a watch on the big screen.

Rating: 3.5