Kantara on Prime: Varaha Roopam Song Might be added to the film Soon, Sources

The heartwarming song, Varaha Roopam, is not included in the OTT version of Rishab Shetty’s Kantara. This comes after the Kerala band, Thaikudam Bridge, went to court blaming the makers for plagiarism. Amid this, the Kantara team has responded to whether the song has any chance to return.

Varaha Roopam might return

Kannada film Kantara had a dream run at the theatres and has made over Rs 400 crore worldwide. The film premiered on Amazon Prime Video on November 24 but fans are disappointed with the makers as the heartwarming song, Varaha Roopam, was not a part of the OTT version. This comes after the Kozhikode district sessions court imposed a temporary ban against the use of the song. Kerala band, Thaikudam Bridge, accused the makers of plagiarism.


After Kantara premiered on Amazon Prime, fans were dissatisfied that the Varaha Roopam song was not a part of the film anymore. The song sweetened the mood of the film in the last 20 minutes. Now the question stands, ‘Will Varaha Roopam, make a comeback in the film?’

Kantara film unit gives an update

Speaking to India Today Network, a close source to the Kantara film unit said, “The matter is sub judice and the makers are still not clear on when they would include the song in the film. But, they are putting up a strong case against Thaikudam Bridge. Varaha Roopam is the soul of Kantara. Once the final judgment is passed and in the team’s favor, the song will be added to the film soon.”

Credits: Hrishiraj Gawali

Meanwhile, Kantara is written, acted, and directed by Rishab Shetty. The film also stars Achyuth Kumar, Kishore, Sapthami Gowda, and Pramod Shetty. The Kannada version of the film hit the theatres on September 30. After receiving rave reviews, the film was dubbed into multiple languages and set the box office on fire.