Kantara: Meet Naveen Bondel, Whose Terrifying Eyes Brought Chills In Our Spine

Since the original Kannada version of ‘Kantara’ was released in the theatres on September 30, it has been receiving great reviews from the masses. Naveen Bondel, who played a small cameo in the film, talks about how good Rishab Shetty was with the directions.

Kanatara a celebration

The Kannada film Kantara is receiving rave appreciation from celebrities and actors. The film is all set for its pan-India release on October 14. ‘Kantara’ is a film intended for pure mass entertainment but made with all the heart, says the film team.


Rishab Shetty’s film, which is made on a budget of less than Rs 20 crore, has made more than double that in just the first week of its release. It was released only in Kannada with subtitles across the country and abroad. Shows are being increased across the board, and the film is being released in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam from October 14 onwards.

Naveen Bondel as Demigod

Now, Naveen Bondel, who plays the role of a demigod with ample eyes and who answers the King’s request, speaks about his experience working with Rishab Shetty.

Speaking to Bombat Cinema, Naveen, who was a bus conductor once, says, “I was first asked to remove my mustache, for which I agreed. And then I was asked to come to Pilikula, and then I was taken to a Kundapura forest for a shoot.”


At first, Naveen had no idea about the scene that was given to him. He said, “I never knew what was my character. After my makeover, I was asked to perform in front of the camera. Rishab Sir wasn’t impressed with my acting at first, but then he taught me like a teacher. The way he directs the film is brilliant, it’s just like how one teaches small kids, he used to explain things to us.”

About the scary eyes, while representing the demigod, Naveen explains an interesting story behind it. He tells, “While performing my part in Kantara, I used my big eyes to represent aggression. Arvind Kashyap, who was behind the camera, asked me to widen my eyes even more as it looked terrific on the screens. My eyes are the greatest gifts god has given to me and it has surely helped to elevate the particular scene in Kantara.”

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