Kantara: Did ‘Daiva’ Come On Rishab Shetty? The Actor Responds

Kantara actor Pramod Shetty talks about a time when Rishab Shetty forgot who he was. He explains that the actor was possessed by a Daiva or a spirit while performing the last 20 minutes of the movie.

All about Kantara

Rishab Shetty’s Kantara has opened in cinema halls to rave reviews with the audiences too showering praise on the actor-director’s latest offering. Although Kantara began its theatrical run on September 30 with stiff competition and had a fair first few hours at the box office, the positive word-of-mouth publicity is now confirming that the film will do well at the Box Office.


The biggest attraction of the film is the pre-climax and climax, which are developed and performed to perfection. Rishab Shetty’s performance in the last 20 minutes is spine-chilling. Since he comes from the coastal area, the characteristics have come out effortlessly on screen. The movie shows the hidden, aggressive side of Rishab as an actor.

The Climax Scene

Interestingly, Kantara actor Pramod Shetty reveals a surprising detail about the climax scene. He reveals that there was a time when Rishab Shetty forgot who he was. Pramod further explains that the actor was possessed by a Daiva/spirit while performing the last 20 minutes of the movie.

“I was with the team only when they needed me (for the role). So, I had no clue about the climax scene. But when I saw it on the big screen I was shocked. Those 20 minutes climax of Rishab Shetty, let me tell you, it was not him. He was, for sure, possessed by a spirit or was inspired by them to perform such intense acting. It was not acting, it is something else, he behaved what he wanted to be there. Hats off to him.”


However, asking about the incident of possession in the climax scene, Rishab Shetty said that it was a very personal experience.

“‘Daiva’ is something we believe with all sanctity and try to continue for generations. It’s divine to me and I don’t wish to speak further on this.”

Meanwhile, Kantara is established in a fictional village of Dakshina Kannada and starts in the 18th century when a king exchanges a piece of land with his people and moves on to find peace and happiness. Centuries later, the same land becomes a threat to the tribals of that area., but they believe their demigods, watching up as their guardians, protect the village. The story shifts to the 90s, and we see the face-off between villagers who dwell in the forests and the forest officer who wants to clear any encroachment in the area.


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