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Kantara: Desperate Netizens are now sharing the ‘Original’ Varaha Roopam ‘Video Song’ On Twitter

Rishab Shetty’s Kantara premiered on Amazon Prime Video on November 24. The OTT version does not contain the Varaha Roopam song as the Kerala music band, Thaikudam Bridge, had accused them of plagiarism. Now, desperate netizens are sharing the original track of the epic song on Twitter.

Varaha roopam charges 

The hit song ‘Varaha roopam’ in ‘Kantara’ is fighting plagiarism charges from the Kerala-based band Thaikkudam Bridge. Composed by Ajaneesh Lokanath, the song has been substituted with a new version in time for the film’s OTT release this week. Thaikkudam Bridge had gone to court saying ‘Varaha roopam’ was a copy of their hit song ‘Navarasam’, released five years ago.


But, the Kantara plagiarism row has taken a new turn lately as Kerala Court dismissed the plea. Yes, the interim order against the ‘soul of the Kantara’ Varaha Roopam has been canceled. The original version of the song can be played in theaters and OTT. However, it is yet to be known if the OTT platform will replace the original version of Varaha Roopam.

Fans of the Rishab Shetty-starrer were disappointed as the celebrated song, Varaha Roopam, had been replaced in the film. Soon, fans of Kantara took to Twitter and shared the original version of the song.

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