14 Recent Kannada Movies Remade in Other Languages Proves that KFI is No Less to any

Kannada Movies Remade

The remake is one thing that every Indian film industry is doing irrespective of the privation of their native content. If you look at recent Bollywood films, nearly 50% of them are remakes from South Indian cinema. There are stories which a maker aspires to tell in his/her language making it adaptive to one’s own nativity. On the other hand, producers are seeing remakes as a safe game owing to original’s popularity and fame.

When it comes to Kannada film industry, we have seen movies from other languages remade to Kannada. In fact, we have seen them looting the box-office too. On a contrary part, a number of Kannada movies have been remade to other languages and it is not a new thing. However, in the recent past, the industry had lost the balance. But today, you see KFI as a far cry from yesteryear’s strapped image; thanks to new-age filmmakers. Don’t agree? Check out this list of recent Kannada movies remade in other languages to prove that KFI is no less to any.

Kannada Movies Remade in Other Languages in the Last Decade

Lucia – Enakkul Oruvan (Tamil)

Lucia is by far, one of the most creative movies that have ever come in Kannada. It is a Romantic Psychological thriller written, co-edited, and directed by Pawan Kumar. The story whirls around a crazy pill and a person with a disease called insomnia. It is regarded as the first Kannada film to be crowdfunded by the people.

Lucia was premiered at the London Indian Film Festival in 2013. It won the Best Film Audience Choice award at the festival. The film was remade in Tamil as Enakkul Oruvan starring Siddarth and Deepa Sannidhi.

Kannada Movies Remade


U-Turn is a mystical thriller written, produced, and directed by Pawan Kumar with Shraddha Srinath in the lead role. It also featured Roger Narayan, Dilip Raj, and Radhika Chetan in prominent roles. U-turn was remade in Malayalam in 2017 as Careful. And now, it got remade to Tamil-Telugu bilingual by Pawan Kumar in 2018 with the same title.

kannada movies remade to telugu


Ugram (2014) is an action thriller directed by Prashanth Neel which actually broke a lot of myths of movie making in Sandalwood. A movie which gave a solid come back for Shri Murali and a hope for many aspiring filmmakers to try their hand in the industry. The film starred Thilak Shekar, Atul Kulkarni, Avinash, Jai Jagdeesh, Haripriya in the prominent roles.

It completed a run of 100 days and was also re-released in some theatres across Karnataka. It is interesting to know that it was remade to Odia as Agastya. Also, one of Ugram’s Assassination sequence was used in 2018 Tamil movie ‘Sketch.’

kannada movies remade in other languages

Godhi Banna Sadharana Maikattu

This is a movie that starred Ananth Nag, Shruthi Hariharan and Rakshith Shetty in lead roles thoughtfully presented the relationship between a Father and the Son on the silver screen. Ananth Nag stole the show while Rakshith Shetty delivered the right emotions to justify an unusual plot put by Hemanth Rao.

It is said that Prakash Raj has purchased the rights to remake the movie in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi. You see the film being remade in Tamil as 60 Vayudu Maaniram with Prakash playing the character of Ananth Nag in GBSM.

Kannada Movies Remade

Mr. and Mrs. Ramachari

Rocking star Yash and Radhika Pandit starred Mr. and Mrs. Ramachari turned out to be a mass hit across Karnataka. A family entertainer directed by Santosha Anandram never fell flat to impress the audience. In 2016, it was remade in Marathi as Mr. And Mrs. Sadachari and the same was dubbed to Hindi.

Kannada Movies Remade

Kirik Party

A college love story narrated in a unique way by Rishabh Shetty made its mark in the box-office. The movie is a treat to watch with subtle yet eye-catching performances by Rashmika Mandanna, Rakshith Shetty, and Samyuktha Hegde. Kirik party is one of the highest grossing Kannada movies to have completed 365-days in multiplexes. The film was remade in Telugu as Kirakk party.

kannada movies remade to telugu


Victory, released in 2013 is a comedy-drama directed by Nanda Kishore and written by M.S Sreenath. It starred Sharan and Asmitha Sood in the lead roles. The film had created a mega buzz through a song ‘Khali Quarter’ composed by Arjun Janya. Victory got remade in Telugu as Selfie Raja in 2016 starring Allari Naresh.

Kannada Movies Remade

Simple Aagi Ond Love Story (SOLS)

SOLS is one of the must-watch Kannada movies written and directed by Suni. It starred Rakshith Shetty and Shwetha Srivatsav. A light-hearted romantic narrative which was well-received by Kannada audience got remade in Telugu as Idi Naa Love Story. It starred Tarun and Oviya in the lead roles.

kannada movies remade in other languages

Mungaru Male

An amazing love story with quirky dialogues coupled with mind-blowing locations and songs, Mungaru Male will remain as the most classic love stories of KFI. The film was remade in Telugu as Vaana (2008), Premier Kahini (2009) in Bengali, Romeo – The Lover Boy (2009), and in Marathi as Premaya Namah (2017).

Kannada Movies Remade

Ulidavaru Kandanthe

If Rakshith Shetty is the most loved filmmaker in KFI then the credits will go to Ulidavaru Kandanthe. It is a 2014 neo-noir crime drama anthology film written and directed by Rakshith Shetty. The entire narrative of UK is so brilliantly weaved that each character has a story to tell in their own perspective. The film has been remade in Tamil and Malayalam as Richie starring Nivin Pauly.

Kannada Movies Remade

Rama Rama Re

Rama Rama Re is one of the highly rated movies of KFI directed by D. Satya Prakash. A story of a convict and the retired police officer in the plot of life, death, and human values simply mesmerized the audience.

Satya Prakash with the fame of a short movie called Jayanagar 4th Block left no flaws in narrating the story of Rama Rama Re and to that extent, this Cinema made a noise in the industry. The film was remade in Telugu as Aatagadaara Siva in 2018.

kannada movies remade to telugu


Shivalinga was a decent try by P.Vasu. It was a horror movie starring Dr.Shiva Rajkumar. Everything was neat but somewhere it failed to meet the expectations of the audience looking for Apathamitra kind of movie. However, the director remade the film in Tamil with the same title which starred Raghava Lawrence.

Kannada Movies Remade

Govindaya Namah

A 2012 released comedy-drama, Govindaya Namah came under the direction of Pawan Wadeyar. The movie has Komal Kumar and Parul Yadav in the lead roles. The film got remade in Telugu as Potugadu.

Kannada Movies Remade


Rathavara, one of the blockbuster hits of 2015 is an action thriller written and directed by Chandrashekar Bandiyappa. It starred Sri Murali and Rachita Ram in the lead roles. The film has not yet remade to any language but sources have confirmed that it will be made to Tamil by Vishal. Interestingly, Chandrashekar Bandiyappa himself is directing the project.

kannada movies remade to tamil

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So, this was the list of recent Kannada movies remade in other languages. Hope you found this post interesting and informative.

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