These Are The 9 Kannada Movies On Netflix You May Not Have An Idea About

Kannada Movies On Netflix

Today, we are living in times where the traditional entertainment sources are slowly taking the back seat owing to the rise of online platforms. At least, this is true in the case of millennial’s. Watching television or reading newspaper is a thing of past; welcome to the world of YouTube and Netflix.

So, in this context, cinema as a medium has taken a different line to reach its target audience. The way films were made in the 80s and 90s has a contrast to the approach of today’s filmmakers which is in line with the expectations of today’s viewers. The platforms like Netflix and YouTube has created a sense of freedom where a filmmaker is not bided by any kind of norms. Also, these platforms have created their own niche where content is given a priority. In a way, it has also become challenging for a filmmaker to compete in this space as it involves no gimmick and star masala; it is all creativity and good content.

kannada movies on netflix

Considering Netflix, the platform has 137 Million Subscribers worldwide, as of October 2018. It has become a platform for movies in International languages to National and even Regional languages like Kannada, Tamil, and Marathi. Not every movie will be hosted on Netflix. However, if a movie is on Netflix then consider it is worth your time and money.
It is a matter of pride for Sandalwood that 9 of the Kannada movies are available on Netflix today. Thanks to the new-age directors of KFI for making this happen.

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A description put on Netflix goes like this – “Reeling from the loss of her husband, a widow struggles to fulfil her physical and emotional desires despite social taboos around female secuality.”

Nathicharami is a Kannada film directed by Mansore, starring Shruthi Hariharan, Sanchari Vijay, and Sharanya. It had its release on Dec 28, 2018 with appreciating reviews from critics but unfortunately, didn’t take off at the box-office (Thanks to Stereotypical audience). The movie carries a sensitive subject which revolves around a Widow and her physical desires. Backed by ‘to-the-point’ performances by the actors, Nathicharami can be a good watch on Netflix.


Ayana had its theatrical release on the 8th of September, 2017. It is about a young entrepreneur and his ambitions, directed by Gangadhar Salimath. People living in cities like Bengaluru can really connect to the story of Aditya who is a software profoessional in the movie. Ayana had got positive reviews from a certain class of audience however the movie didn’t take off office at the box-office. Never matter, you can watch it now on Netflix.
Cinema is a pure perception.

9 Must-Watch Kannada Movies on Netflix


Shuddhi is a contemporary crime-drama written and directed by Adarsh Eshwarappa which gave a Hollywood experience to Kannada audiences. It highlights a situation the women go through in the society in a subtle way to deliver the right message at the end. The movie was widely accepted and applauded by the urban movie fanatics and its trailer was trended in the Youtube at number 3. Shuddhi’s cast was intelligently made with Lauren Spartano, Niveditha, Amrutha Karaganda, Shashank Purushottham, Siddharth Maadhyamika, and Ajay Raj in the lead roles.

netflix kannada movies


Thithi is an insanely incredible movie that broke all the stereotypes of a typical movie making. A movie that starred non-actors directed by a debutant director (Ram Reddy) left everyone in splits through its brilliant narrative and a subtle message at the end.

Kannada Movies On Netflix

The Plan

A 2015 film, The Plan is a suspense thriller written and directed by Keerthi as a debut. It is about three youngsters dealing with the strict jailer, planning to escape from prison. It has Ananth Nag, Ramesh Bhat, Promod Shetty, and others in the lead.

Kannada Movies On Netflix


Kahi takes you through the life of a modern-day Bengaluru crisscrossing with four different lives; a dancer, a drug dealer, a writer, and a psychopath. It is directed by Arvind Shastry and has Harisharva, Krishi. Thapanda, and Matangi Prasan playing the primary characters.

kahi on netflix


Urvi’s story revolves around women trapped in prostitution and the way they come out of it is crafted sensually. It is directed by B.S Pradeep Verma which has Shruthi Hariharan, Shraddha Srinath, Achyuth Kumar, and Shweta Pandit in lead roles. Urvi has won New York City Indie Film Festival Best Feature Film Award (2017). Also, it was also nominated for Los Engeles Film Awards, Cyprus International Film festival, and others.

Kannada Movies On Netflix


Directed by Rakshith Thirtahalli, Hombanna tells you a story of a farmer caught in the eviction of land owing to socio-political change. It has Subbu Talabi, Dhanu Gowda, and Manju Patil portraying different characters.

netflix kannada movies


U-Turn is a mystical thriller written, produced, and directed by Pawan Kumar with Shraddha Srinath in the lead role. It also featured Roger Narayan, Dilip Raj, and Radhika Chetan in prominent roles. U-turn was remade in Malayalam in 2017 as Careful. And now, it got remade to Tamil-Telugu bilingual by Pawan Kumar in 2018 with the same title.

Kannada Movies On Netflix

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Rama Rama Re

Rama Rama Re is one of the highly rated movies of KFI directed by D. Satya Prakash. A story of a convict and the retired police officer in the plot of life, death, and human values simply mesmerized the audience. Satya Prakash with the fame of a short movie called Jayanagar 4th Block left no flaws in narrating the story of Rama Rama Re and to that extent, this Cinema made a noise in the industry.

netflix kannada movies

Ondu Motteya Kathe

Ondu Motteya Kathe – The Tale of an Egghead is one of the Offbeat Indian movies that have successfully managed to hit all the right notes and push all the right buttons to tell a story that has to be told. From its very first scene to its climax, the movie is so interactive that you will relate your life instances to it without your acknowledgment.

kannada movies on netflix

So, these are the 9 Kannada Movies streaming on Netflix. There are talks about adding a few more to the list. Watch out this space till we update you on the next set of Kannada movies on Netflix.

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