12 Cult Kannada Films Which We Think Netflix Should Definitely Add To Their Platform

netflix kannada movies

Since the entry of the entertainment giant Netflix into Indian Film Market, the lesser watched films and the Independent films have found a way to reach their audience. As for the Kannada Cinema, only 9-11 films on the platform.

In this piece, we list out the films we think should be on Netflix and should be watched all over the world.


Ranganayaki is a 1981 film directed by the maestro Puttana Kanagal which starred Aarthi and Ambarish. The film is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Ashwattha. It is regarded as one of the most progressive Kannada films ever made as it portrayed a romantic relationship between a mother and her son.

netflix kannada movies


Regarded as one of a kind psychological thriller in Kannada, Lucia directed by Pawan Kumar caused a rage among the audience. It is also the first Kannada film to be entirely funded by the crowd. Lucia is about an usher in a cinema hall who is sleep deprived. He stumbles upon a pill named Lucia which enables him to sleep but also enables him to have another life of his own.

netflix kannada movies

Bhootayyana Maga Ayyu

Regarded as the first Kannada film to be shot completely outdoors, Bhootayyana Maga Ayyu is a 1974 film directed by Siddalingiah went onto creating a surprise at the box office. The film is about Ayyu, the son of a ruthless landlord, Bhootayya, and the angry villagers who are represented by Gulla. The film is an adaptation of a short story by Goruru Ramaswamy Iyengar.

bhootayyana maga ayyu


Based on the novel of the same name by Na D’Souza, Dweepa is directed by the Kannada Art House representative Girish Kasarvalli, stars Avinash and the late Soundarya in the lead roles. The film is centered on the theme of constructing dams and displacement of the native tribes. It is still a pertinent issue in the country but is for most times brushed under the carpets. The film has stood the test of time.

netflix kannada movies


Yet another film which managed to raise a socio-political issue, Bara was directed by the unsung hero of Kannada Art House, MS Sathyu. It is written by the acclaimed writer UR Anantmurthy. The film starred Anant Nag, CR Simha and Loveleen Madhu in lead roles. The plot of the film revolves around the rivalry between ministers of opposing parties in the drought-hit region of India. The film won National Award for its script.

netflix kannada movies


The film way ahead of its time, Shankar Nag directed this film which spoke about the underground nexus between the media and the politicians. It starred the brothers, Anant and Shankar Nag is lead roles. The film, coincidentally, in a way, predicted a future mishap caused by one of the leading stars.



A film which caused havoc at the box office recently, Rangitaranga directed by the debutant Anoop Bhandari starred his brother Nirup Bhandari in the lead role. A thriller in nature, it was a classic who-done-it story which managed to shock the audience towards the end of the film. The film launched a promising team and a promising director.

netflix kannada movies

Ulidavaru Kandanthe

Declared flop at the box office during the time of theatrical release, Ulidavaru Kandanthe has managed to earn a massive following online post its release. The film which was aesthetically and narratively fresh for the Kannada audience at that time is directed by Rakshit Shetty which starred himself, Tara, Kishore and Rishab Shetty in prominent roles. Shot extensively across the Karavali region, the story revolves around Richie and a “thing” he is looking for.

netflix kannada movies

Amrutha Varshini

The film revolves around three central characters; a husband, a wife and husband’s friend who falls in love with his wife. It starred Sharath Babu, Suhasini and Ramesh Aravind in lead roles. Ramesh played a negative role which was praised across different sections of the audience. Directed by Dinesh Babu, Amrutha Varshini had a soulful music album too.

netflix kannada movies

Undu Hoda Kondu Hoda

The film which marked the directorial debut of Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar, it is one of the few well-made satires in Kannada Cinema. The film starred Anant Nag playing a cow inspector who tricks innocent villagers and wins over them. Anant Nag is absolute bonkers in the film. He is hilarious to the infinity and drives the film with his performance with the help of a well-written story. Nagathihalli won State Award for movie’s story.

netflix kannada movies

Vamsha Vriksha

The film directed by both BV Karanth and Girish Karnad, based on the novel of the same name by SL Byrappa, Vamsha Vriksha, is also the debut of the legendary actor Vishnuvardhan. The film went onto win three Filmfare awards and the National award for best direction.

netflix kannada movies

Aa Dinagalu

Based on the book ‘Dadagiriya Dinagalu’ by Agni Sridhar, Aa dinagalu is a crime drama set in the late 80s Bangalore. It is based on the two real-life gangsters, Kotwal and Jayaraj. The film starred Chetan Kumar in the lead role. The plot revolved around a couple caught in the midst of the rivalry between the two gangs. The film directed by KM Chaitanya won three awards each at Karnataka State Awards and Filmfare South Awards.

netflix kannada movies

We are sure that there are many more Kannada movies which can make their way for Netflix. Do you have any names on mind? If so then let us know in the comments below.