11 Well-Made Kannada Movies Which Failed At Box-Office But Never Failed To Leave An Impact

kannada movies box office

The movie industry is an extremely merciless ground for business. A small mistake and you could end with a loss of crores of rupees. A number of Kannada movies have also met the same fate. They have been failures at the box-office but the content the movie carried was impressive. The reasons for their failure could be pointed out to many factors but at the end of the day, they remain as movies worth watching.

Here are 12 such Kannada Movies:

1. Ulidavaru Kandanthe

Released ahead of its time, this Rakshit Shetty directorial surely missed the target at the box-office. The screenplay was extremely new to the Kannada audience and hence, the movie received mixed reviews. However, to date, this movie remains one of the best films made in Sandalwood.

kannada movies box office

2. Paramaathma

Yograj Bhat and Puneeth Rajkumar combination promised a good time for the fans. However, this flick belonged to a less-trodden genre and hence, many were left unsatisfied. The dialogues, catchy songs, neat entertainment, and an unpredictable climax still makes this flick worth watching.

kannada movies box office

3. Just Maath Mathalli

The songs of this movie created a furor at the time of its release. Sudeep played a subtle character and the love story did not click at the box office. Nonetheless, this movie does demand a viewing if you have not yet watched it.

kannada movies box office

4. Life Jothe Ondh Selfie

This is one of the most under-rated films in Sandalwood in recent times. Directed by Dinakar, this multi-starrer suffered from a lack of promotions. This film does deserve a viewing if you are yet to watch it.

kannada movies box office

5. Pushpaka Vimana

Ramesh Aravind’s brilliant acting, Bhuvan Gowda’s excellent camera-work, and a sweet dad-daughter relationship were all missed at the theatres. This film would definitely make you emotional at the end of it.

kannada movies box office

6. Aa Karaala Raathri

Based on a novel, this movie is one of the best thrillers made in Sandalwood. However, lack of marketing and unavailability of screens might have hampered the box-office prospects of this movie.

kannada movies box office

7. Urvi

Starring Shraddha Srinath and Shruthi Hariharan, this movie was a well-made thriller in Sandalwood. The twists and turns in the plot do warrant you an engaging watch.

kannada movies box office

8. Raaga

PC Shekar’s Raaga faced the brunt of big releases when this movie released. Impressive camera-work and exceptional acting performances were the highlights in this movie.

kannada movies box office

9. Idolle Ramayana

Acting powerhouse Prakash Raj and Priyamani starred in this movie. It had an interesting premise and it is unfortunate that it did not do well at the theatres.

kannada movies box office

10. Beautiful Manasugalu 

Based on true events, this movie was critically acclaimed for its story and heart-wrenching performances. If released again, this flick would definitely do well at the theatres.kannada movies box office

11. Shuddhi

Shuddhi is a contemporary crime-drama written and directed by Adarsh Eshwarappa which gave a Hollywood experience to Kannada audiences. It highlights a situation the women go through in the society in a subtle way to deliver the right message at the end.

kannada movies box office

So, this was our list and we would also like to add movies like Rama Rama Re, Ondalla Eradalla, Naticharami, and Kavacha. If you wish to add more films of this kind then the ‘comments section’ is yours.




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