10 Reasons Why You Should Watch this Kannada Movie Titled SHPSK

SHPSK kasaragodu

Stories are always fascinating and when it comes to Cinema, it gets colorful, gaudy and hued taking us to a different world altogether. A good cinema is the one which carries an engaging subject, subtle emotions, moving performances and a compelling message and as an art, it is simply a manifestation of life stories put together in the form of a narrative. In this context, here comes the story of a lost town of Karnataka which is now a part of Kerala named Kasaragodu.

SHPSK (Sarkari Hiriya Prathamika Shaale Kasaragodu) is a Kannada movie which revolves around a Government Kannada medium school in Kasaragodu. The subject becomes relevant for a reason that Kasargodu was a part of Karnataka which now belongs to Kerala for reasons known and unknown. Even today, the primary and administrative languages of the town are Tulu, Beary, Kannada along with Malayalam. In fact, the Malayalam spoken here has influences from Beary and from the languages of Kannada, Konkani, and Tulu.

SHPSK as a story and a cinema whirl around the Kannada Medium School in Kerala carrying the emotions of resident Kannadigas associated with it. It is a light-hearted drama neatly presented by Rishab Shetty revered with eye-pleasing visuals and satirical performances. It has released today across Karnataka and here we are with 10 Reasons for you to watch this without a miss.

1. It is an Untold Story

Definitely, it is an untold story which talks about the importance of providing education to children in their mother language. Today, in line with the depletion of Kannada medium schools in Karnataka, this story takes you to the struggles of Kannadigas living in Kerala fighting to retain their Kannada medium school. However, it stands unique for a reason that it is narrated through a light-hearted comedy.


2. Children Strikes

One major highlight of this movie is Children. In fact, the entire story is about these school-going children and the instances they go through in the run. Everyone has given their best and the way they take you through the story will make you hold on to your seats, for sure.

SHPSK kasaragodu

3. It has an Endearing Tuluva-Kannada Dialect

The soul of the movie is its Tuluva-Kannada dialect. If you are from Karavali part of Karnataka then you will enjoy a lot otherwise you may struggle a bit to catch the dialect. This particular accent of Kannada has its own beauty and the way it is used in the movie is truly endearing.

SHPSK movie review

4. The First Half is Brilliant

The first half of the movie takes you on a hilarious ride with pleasing visuals, quirky dialogues, catchy songs and an off-the-wall drama. You will definitely enjoy the first part however the second half lags a bit till you reach the pre-climax.

SHPSK kannada movie

5. It takes you back to your Childhood Days

Yes, it does. All the stupid things we did as school-going students are brilliantly depicted in the movie. From a class leader writing our names on the board, the punishments of leaning down outside the class to gossiping with friends in our crush stories – everything is neatly presented in subtle details.


6. You will see Ananth Nag in a Different Avatar

Ananth Nag will actually steal the show with his witty performance. He has played the role of a Social worker. If you are a fan of Ananth Nag then you got to watch this movie.

SHPSK kasaragodu

7. Subtle Comedy punches make a cut

You never know when a punch makes the cut. In a scene when one character is in full rage then another character will come with a funny anecdote. And, they go with the story and you never feel that they are forcefully inserted, just to make you laugh.

SHPSK movie review

8. Music goes in line with the story

Vasuki Vaibhav’s music has worked for the movie in a way that it goes in line with the story. You find no duets, item song kind of musical breaks but every song that comes will connect you to the next part of the story being told.

9. It has an applauding climax

Though the movie has a predictable climax, it leaves a mark. It has a compelling message delivered through powerful dialogues of Ananth Nag. Seeing Ananth talking about Kannada and its pride is so well shot that you feel like whistling and clapping.

SHPSK kannada movie

10. A good watch and a Family Entertainer

SHPSK is a fresh concept neatly executed by Rishab Shetty and team. You don’t get bored. It is a good some family entertainer you don’t mind watching it again.

Our Rating – 4.0 / 5

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