10 Strong Reasons Why You Should Not Miss This Kannada Movie Titled Jeerjimbe

jeerjimbe kannada movie

When was the last time you had a smile on face remembering something from your childhood days? Times when we all had started looking at the life around, in the run, we have come a long way. However, whenever we get a chance to go back to those wonderful days, we surely do not want to miss that, right? It is not a nostalgia as such but a lukewarm feeling which makes you feel heavy at heart. Carrying such subtle emotions blended in a narrative speaking about real issues, Jeerjimbe has hit the theatres. As we see, it is one of the must-watch movies and when we say that, we have reasons to it. Come, let us take a look at them on today’s read.

A Scenic Opportunity to Revisit Your Childhood

Yes, the first thing that you love about Jeerjimbe is its way of touching the emotions of childhood and its intricacies. Going in line with the story and its later facets, the childhood sequences as put by the story-teller makes an absolute sense. The first-half touches the sensualities of those desires and envies and at the same time, it gives you the picture of a typical Kannada medium school and the life around it. It looks slow in the first-half however you don’t mind going with it.



It is An Off-beat Narrative

The story of Jeerjimbe revolves around a 13-year old girl and her adventures of going through the age-old restrictions put on a girl child. It takes off with an entry of bicycle coming in her life as part of free cycles programme by the Government. Giving the idea of the mentality of people in rural areas, the story traverses to a moment after which, it introduces us to the hidden cruelty and its different faces. It is off-beat for a reason that it gives you a theatrical kind of experience in Cinemas.

jeerjimbe kannada movie

It Carries A Strong Social Message

We don’t want to reveal the things for you. However, Jeerjimbe deserves a roaring applaud for making an attempt to spread out such an important message to the society.

Bank on Some Of The Really-Good Performances

It is a Children movie where primary characters are portrayed by children below the age of 15. The way they have understood a lecherous concept of this kind and delivered on screen at ease, hats off to an artist in them. Rudri, Dakshi, and Thamadappa characters will stay on in your memory for a long period of time. Adding on, Suman Nagarkar has played a guest role and she looks fresh and bold on the screen.



Music in itself is a Story that leaves an impact

Composed by Charan Raj (Tagaru and GBSM fame), Jeerjimbe’s music has its own story to tell. It is fresh, soothing and goes in line with the story.

As a concept, it is fresh and clean

Congratulations to Karthik Saragur (The director) for giving us a film like Jeerjimbe. It speaks about the real issues and attempts to leave a thoughtful impact on the audience. Jeerjimbe is a neatly presented movie and as a concept, it looks fresh and clean.

jeerjimbe movie review

A Crowd Funding Project backed by Pushkar Films

One amazing fact about Jeerjimbe is that it got released in 2016 as a crowdfunding project. Later on, it went to Pushkar films and today, it is open for audience across, in the theatres. Thanks to Pushkar films.


An Art Film Yet Entertaining

Yes, it is an art film whose USP is its concept and the narrative. However, the director has made it interesting to make sure that it doesn’t bore you. Despite the attempt, the first-half lags but the second-half makes for it.


The State Award Winning Movie

Jeerjimbe has won four Karnataka state film awards, the most for any film in 2017. It has got the Best Children film (2016), Best Lyricist for Karthik Saragur (2016) and Best Music for Charan Raj with Best Child Actor for Siri Vanalli.

There’s a lesson to learn and a message to spread

Jeerjimbe is a movie which you should definitely watch with your children. It is a good-watch which entertains you, enlightens you, and most importantly, it will not fall flat to leave an impact on you.


Our Rating – 3.8 / 5

jeerjimbe kannada movie

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