10 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited To Watch This Kannada Movie Titled Bhinna


Kannada Film Industry is one on the rise from the past few years which has given a platform for young directors to tell their stories. One of the most exciting directors to come out from this lot is Adarsh Eshwarappa who delivered Shuddhi, a never-seen-before kind of story on Kannada Screens. He is back with his second feature, Bhinna and we tell you 10 reasons why you should be excited to watch it.

Psychological Thriller 

The psychological thriller is a genre which is yet to be completely explored in Kannada Cinema. Whenever the genre is done right, for example, films like U-turn and Lucia, it has turned out to be a major success. Bhinna is another psychological thriller from a director who has shown his caliber with his earlier outing, Shuddhi. We can’t wait to experience another edge of the seat thriller.

bhinna kannada movie

Team Shuddhi

The core creative team behind Bhinna is the same team which gave us Shuddhi. In the year 2017, Shuddhi managed to win the First Best Film in Karnataka State Awards and Adarsh Eshwarappa was adjudged Best Director. If anything to go by, we can safely trust this team.

bhinna kannada movie


When Shuddhi came out, one of the two things which seemed fresh apart from the story is its Cinematography. The visuals seemed stunning. The texture was never seen before in the Kannada Film Industry. Andrew Aiello, the cinematographer of Shuddhi, is also the Cinematographer for Bhinna. We can expect breathtaking visuals from this one.

bhinna kannada movie


Another thing which appealed to the audience was the background score by Jesse Clinton. The background music gave the sense of urgency which was much required to the film. It brought a new sound to the theatres and with Bhinna being a psychological thriller; it would be the same if not better.

bhinna kannada movie

Tagline – The Broken Are Different

Since the poster of Bhinna was released, the one thing which intimidated the viewers was its tagline – “The Broken are Different”. The Tagline gives a hint about how the film will be and it’s also a hint for us, the viewers, to prepare for the psychological experience.

bhinna kannada movie

The Plot

The plot of the Bhinna says, “The protagonist, an actress, is crazy about method acting. She takes the script, goes to an isolated part of the city, reads it, and simultaneously, her response to it – unfolds as a parallel story. Why it happens and what happens eventually is the core of Bhinna”. You’ve to admit that it is enough for us to buy tickets and get into the theatre.

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Dada Saheb Phalke Award 

Bhinna just won the ‘Best Screenplay’ jury award at the recently concluded 9th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival. It is a moment of pride for Kannada Cinema and it has certainly boosted the interests of the average movie watcher.

bhinna kannada movie

The Inclusion of RAP

Before Hip Hop got bigger in Karnataka, Shuddhi had a hip hop song by rapper Aditya Parashar and Sparsha RK. Even this time around, as posted by Aditya Parashar, Bhinna too has a rap song and it will be exciting to see how a rap fits into a psychological thriller.

Adarsh Eshwarappa

Adarsh Eshwarappa has emerged to be one of the important voices in the Kannada Film Industry. Be it his social media presence, his short films, and his interviews, he makes sure he creates an impact in your head. Shuddhi was one such example. Bhinna, coming from him, has already notched the expectations of the viewers.

bhinna kannada movie

Much Required For Kannada Cinema

Kannada Cinema is fast growing and it can only grow further if more voices join hands. Different voice. Different perspective. At this time, Bhinna has the responsibility to take Kannada Cinema further and spread it across countries.

Bhinna has been censored with a U/A certification with Zero cuts. The team is planning for a worldwide release, but yet to decide on a release date. Watch out this space for more updates.




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