5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Out For This New Kannada Movie Titled Babru

Suman Nagarkar, who has previously worked in films like ‘Hoomale’, ‘Nishkarsha’ ‘Nammoora Mandara Hoove’, ‘Beladingala Baale’ and ‘JeerJimbe’ is back. The actress is now back into action with yet another full-fledged role in a Kannada film titled, BABRU. It is coming under Suman Nagarkar Productions and Yuga Creations, Executive Producer is Gurudev Nagaraja from the United States.

BABRU’’s theatrical teaser is officially launched by Rakshit Shetty.

Believe us, it is a soulful visual spectacle which is completely shot in the serene location of USA and everyone will fall in love with the cinematography. BABRU is not only a road movie, but it also has a thriller touch to it and audience gonna forget their pops while watching this saga.


Here are the 5 reasons why you should watch out for this movie.


Content and Cinematography are the main highlights of “BABRU”. Camera work is on par with the Hollywood road movies and it will surely catch your eyes.


Suman Nagarkar is back in a lead role after a long gap and she is launching her production company – Suman Nagarkar Productions to bring #BABRU to Kannada audience.



It is said to be the First Kannada feature film to be fully filmed in the USA. Yuga creations and the team have made an awesome attempt to showcase a stunner to our audience.



BABRU is shot in Never seen before locations in the United States which we haven’t seen in our movies. (Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Avenue of Giants, CA-1 Scenic route etc.)



A cappella music has been used in BABRU. This type of music was never used in our movies.

(A cappella music – Music without instrumental accompaniment using human voices in place of instruments to create music).


We are sure, you will wait for the visual manifestation to hit the screens to witness an out of box movie from Kannadigas to Kannadigas around the world.

This Article is contributed by Govind Chikkerur by Sandalwood Celluloid

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