Kanika Kapoor Fails To Cooperate At Hospital Staff Despite Being Provided Gluten-Free Diet, AC Room

The 41-year-old Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor, who is currently under treatment at a hospital in Lucknow, has failed to co-operate with doctors. The celebrity who was mainly popular for singing Baby Doll song is currently under treatment after she was tested positive for coronavirus recently.

Kanika and her Tantrums

Kanika Kapoor is treated in Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGI) in Uttar Pradesh’s capital city. She was tested positive for the deadly COVID-19 disease after returning from London recently. However, a report revealed that the 41-year-old singer is not cooperating with authorities in the isolation ward in Lucknow, said Times Now.


“Kanika is not cooperating with us. Despite giving her the single isolated best room in the hospital she is throwing tantrums – we have arranged for the extra guard as there are chances that she could run away and perhaps infect more people which is not advisable,” said, RK Dhima, PGI Director.

According to the report, she has been provided with the best of facilities possible including a gluten-free diet and a separate air-conditioned room.

“Kanika Kapoor has been provided the best that is possible in a hospital. She must co-operate as a patient and not throw tantrums of a star. She is being provided Gluten-Free Diet from the Hospital Kitchen. She has to co-operate with us to help herself. The facility provided to her is an isolated room with a toilet, patient-bed, and a television. The ventilation of her room is air-conditioned with a separate Air Handling Unit (AHU) for the COVID 19 unit. Utmost care is being taken but she must first start behaving like a patient and not a star” SGPGI said.


Carless celebrity 

Earlier, filmmaker and Indian Film & Television Directors’ Association president Ashoke Pandit had slammed the Bollywood singer for “being irresponsible” and putting other’s life at risk of contracting coronavirus.

source: theindianexpress

Ashoke claimed that Kanika not only covered her travel history from the airport officials but also went to a party with nearly a hundred people in attendance. “Shame on U @TheKanikakapoor for being irresponsible by hiding ur details from the authorities, after U returned from #London & joining a party at a 5-star hotel, coming into contact with nearly 100 ppl. Now that U have tested #CoronaVirus +ve, U have put others’ life also in danger,” he wrote on Twitter.

Kanika became the first celebrity in India to be detected with the disease. She landed after a trip to the United Kingdom and was admitted to a city hospital after showing symptoms of respiratory illness. Nearly 300 people attended these parties, her father Rajiv Kapoor had said on Friday.