Kangana Reacts As Twitter Trends ‘Kangana Pagal Hai’; She Says Bullies Are Having A Meltdown

For the past few months, Kangana Ranaut has been quite active on social media, seldom leaving an opportunity to voice her opinions. From the ongoing investigation of Sushant Singh Rajput’s case to debates around mental illness and talking about the alleged ‘movie mafia’ in Bollywood, Kangana has been stealing the show with her controversial tweets.

Earlier today, the actress took over headlines for her retaliation to Shiv Sena’s Sanjay Raut’s remarks asking her not to come back to Mumbai because of her explosive tweets on Mumbai Police’s safety. Kangana targeted Raut and even shared that the city felt like PoK.


While Twitter has been trending Kangana almost every day, the hashtag ‘Kangana Pagal hai’ soon took over. In response to the trends, Kangana shared a tweet saying that all bullies are having a meltdown and cannot come up with anything logical.

She wrote, “So all the bullies are having a meltdown now, frustrated but can’t come up with anything remotely logical, so now tweeting obscene memes and calling me names, shaming me by trending #KanganaPagalHai and next they will pretend to be Mental illness warriors. #ShameOnSanjayRaut”

In another tweet, she spoke about mental illness and how it is being used as a slur against her. She added that the ‘left gang’ along with ‘mafia’  are participating in this trend and using mental illness to shame her.


She wrote, “Mental illness is being used as a slur against me, entire left gang along with mafia is enthusiastically participating in #KanganaPagalHai trend, same way mental illness was used to shame and blackmail Sushant, please don’t use mental illness loosely.”

Kangana Ranaut is not just considered a brilliant performer, she is also one of the most outspoken actresses in Bollywood. The actress never shies away from making bold statements and targeting big names of the industry. Be it attacking a filmmaker or taking the name of a star in any scandal, Kangana’s fierce statements have always made headlines.

From the past few months, she has been making shocking statements in regard to the Sushant Singh Rajput death case and has been attacking ‘movie mafias’. Recently, she targetted Mumbai police and their functioning in her tweets. Post which, Shiv Sena’s Sanjay Raut asked the actress to not return to Mumbai.