Kangana Ranaut Warns This Bollywood couple after they allegedly Spy on her

Kangana Ranaut recently issued a fresh warning to ‘Gang Changu Mangu’ in her cryptic post as she thanked her well-wishers for showing concern.

Kangana’s Warning to ‘Gang Changu Mangu’

On Sunday, actor Kangana Ranaut took to Instagram Stories and talked about a Bollywood couple that was ‘spying’ on her. She did not take any names, but social media users were convinced that Kangana was referring to Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt.


Now, in another note shared on Instagram Stories, Kangana revealed that after she spoke out about the ‘Casanova’ and his wife, who were ‘spying’ on her, she did not face any ‘suspicious activities’ around herself on Sunday, and was not being followed ‘with or without cameras’.

Kangana Ranaut wrote, “All those who worry about me, please know that since last night there are no suspicious activities around me, no one following me with or without cameras… dekho jo bhoot laton se mante hain woh toh sift laton se he mante hain (Those who do not understand words, need another way of making them understand things).”

The actor further wrote as she issued a warning to the Bollywood couple ‘spying’ on her, “Message to changu-mangu: Bachchon tumhara kisi dehati se pala nahi pada (hai), sudhar jao nahi toh ghar mein ghoos ke marungi… aur jinko lagta hai ki main pagal hoon, tumko yeh to pata hai ki main pagal hoon lekin yeh pata nahi hai ki kitne bade wali hoon (You are not facing a someone from a village, I am warning you to mend your ways, or else I will enter your homes to bash you up. Even those who call me mad, do not know till what extent I can go). ” She added a sword emoji to her note.


Being followed by ‘Casanova’ and his wife

On Sunday, Kangana shared a long note on Instagram Stories, detailing how a Bollywood ‘Casanova’ was following her and had previously tried to approach her.

Kangana had written, “Everywhere I go I am being followed and spied on, not only on the streets even in my building parking and home terrace they put zoom lenses to capture me, everyone knows paparazzi only visit stars if they are tipped these days they even started to charge to click actors, my team or I aren’t paying them so who is paying them ? In the morning I was clicked at 6:30am, how do they get my schedule? What do they do with these pictures? and now as I finished my early morning choreography practice session no one was tipped to come to the studio yet they all turned up in large numbers even on a Sunday.”

Bringing up nepotism, Kangana further wrote, “I am certain my WhatsApp data is being leaked professional deals or even personal life details, this obsessed nepo mafia clown who once landed at my doorstep uninvited and forced himself on me is a known womanizer and Casanova but now vice president of nepo mafia brigade as well forces his wife to become producer, do more female-centric films, dress like me even make home interiors like me they even hired my stylist and even home stylists of many years who then refused to work with me.”