Kangana Ranaut Targets Priyanka Chopra Again; Calls Her A ‘Secular Puppy’

Kangana Ranaut has yet again targeted Priyanka Chopra, this time, on her Instagram Handle. In the latest accusation, Kangana called Priyanka a ‘Secular Puppy’. This was in response to a job posting by a foreign publication.

Kangana had earlier criticized PC for her support of farmer protests

The Bollywood actress, who has now been banned by Twitter, had tweeted about Priyanka’s support to the farmer protests. She had said: ” People like @diljitdosanjh and @priyankachopra will be hailed by the left media for misleading and encouraging farmers protests, pro-Islamists and anti-India film industry and brands will flood them with offers and English/living in colonial hangover media houses will felicitate them with awards, the problem is the whole system is designed to make anti-nationals flourish and grow and we are too less in numbers against a corrupt system, but I am sure magic will happen in every fight of GOOD versus EVIL, evil has been much stronger, JAI SHRI RAM.”


The Bollywood actress now reacts to an NYT job posting

Kangana Ranaut reacted to a recent job posting by New York Times which began hiring for a correspondent in India, who hated PM Modi and paints the country in a bad light in every story. The ‘Queen’ actress took matters into her own hands and brought PC into the topic.

Kangana calls PC a ‘Secular Puppy’

Reacting to the news about the job posting, Kangana tagged Priyanka on Instagram and said: “But this not just in journalism and it’s in every field, the way @priyankachopra has gone from being a nationalist to a secular puppy, from being Modi ji’s biggest fan to his passionate critics and hate is evident.. basically roti keliye duniya nachati hai…apne desh mein freedom toh hai.. jo karna hai karo.