Kangana Ranaut Says She Was Accused Of Practicing Black Magic To Get Work

In a recent episode of Lock Upp, Kangana revealed how she was accused of using black magic to build her career. The revelation came after Payal Rohatgi’s confession at ‘Lock Upp’.

Payal Rohatgi’s shocking revelation 

Recently, the reality show, Lock Upp got popular amongst the audience especially after watching Ranaut’s fierce yet bold appearances on the show.


In the latest episode, Lock Upp contestant Payal Rohatgi made a shocking disclosure about how she used black magic to restore her career. Payal claimed that this puja helps in controlling and manipulating people, however, it never delivered any results for her. She even requested people not to do such things, stating that no educated woman should do something like this but she was hopeless at that time. The actor admitted not telling the same to anyone as nobody would be happy to hear about it.



Payal said in Hindi, “I have been in the industry for like 15 years and there was a time when my career was on a decline. Shockingly or not shockingly, I had done ‘Black magic’ to drive my career forward.”

“My career wasn’t going well, someone told me I should get this thing done. I don’t think any educated women or professionals should do the puja to take their careers forward. However, it didn’t help me at all. It was for the producer with whom I wanted to work. I have not told anyone about this, not even my mom,” she told.


Kangana on Black Magic

Host Kangana Ranaut listening to Payal’s story recalled how she was accused of using black magic to build her career. She said that when a woman does well in her career, skeptics often feel that there’s more than just merit responsible for her rise.

To cheer up her mood, Kangana told Payal that the latter is beautiful and smart and doesn’t need Tantrik to influence people. Kangana even jokingly asked Payal if she performs black magic on her fiancee Sangram Singh.

Kangana further called her out for trying to become the representative of the Hindu dharma, warning her to not do it.


This is an old video where Kangana talked about the same: