Kangana Ranaut Releases List Of Blind Items Against Sushant Allegedly Written By Rajeev Masand


Popular and renowned film critic and journalist, Rajeev Masand was summoned by the Mumbai Police in relation to the Sushant Singh Rajput Suicide case.

Rajeev Masand has been accused by various actors for his blind items in film magazines. He has been summoned after he was called out by Kangana Ranaut, Manoj Bajpayee, Apurva Asrani, and others for blind items on Sushant Singh Rajput. A blind item is a piece published by journalists or media outlets with certain claims made by a certain source without naming the person in question. In the blind item that went viral prior to Sushant’s death, Masand had allegedly called Sushant Singh as a ‘skirt chaser’, a ‘disrespectful womanizer’, and also went onto claim that the actor was giving a hard time to his directors.


Sushant (1)

Now, Kangana Ranaut’s team has revealed the list of blind items allegedly written by Rajeev Masand. In one of the blind items, he writes that,

“The actor is also apparently not thrilled that the crew pampers his female co-star more than him. Some have even said the actress’ mother is keeping a close eye on him, mindful of his skirt-chaser reputation.”

Blind Item About Career

In another blind item, he writes,

“A certain young actor until recently regarded as the most promising outsider in Bollywood managed to land a whopping acting fee for a new film he signed with a former studio head who was setting up his own production shingle. Insiders are saying the actor needs a hit to bounce back into the reckoning. The ones in his corner are his directors, particularly the one who gave him his debut film and is working with him on his most ambitious project right now. This bullish filmmaker is convinced that his star is only facing a rough patch and has been swearing to anyone willing to listen that his performance in the movie he’s making will bring both revenues and accolades.”

Rajeev Masand has recorded his statement with the Mumbai Police. It needs to be seen what turn the case takes from here on.



Source: Republic World