This 1000-Year-Old Kamandala Ganapathi Temple Located In Koppa Of Karnataka Is Extremely Powerful

kamandala ganapathi

Koppa is a small town and prominent taluk headquarters located in Chikmagalur district,  situated 763 meters above sea level. It is covered by the splendid Sahyadri mountain range and regarded as ‘Kashmir of Karnataka’. It hosts many historic temples with great religious significance. One among them is the epic ‘Sri Kamandala Ganapathi Temple’. So let’s discover some interesting facts about this beautiful temple.

Kamandala Ganapathi!

Kamandala Ganapathi Temple is precisely located on Siddaramata Road in Kesave village of Koppa taluk (4kms from Koppa bus stand). The iconic temple is 1000 years old with great historical significance, being lesser known though. Lord Ganesha is the holy deity of the temple which is an extremely historic temple known for its power. It is said that anybody simply visiting the temple or performing seva’s or meditation to this Kamandala Ganapathi at the temple is said to have all their desires fulfilled at once.

kamandala ganapathi

What made the Temple famous?

Kamandala Ganapathi is famous throughout the country for its ‘Kamandala Tirtha’ which is a mysterious, unending, constantly flowing water reservoir. It is nothing but the origin of the Brahmi river right in front of the sacred Lord Ganesha idol. The reservoir is considered to be extremely holy and hence the temple is named after the ‘Kamandala Teertha’ as ‘Kamandala Ganapathi Temple’. Anybody taking a dip in the same is said to be relieved of all miseries, and mainly overcome ‘Shani Dosha’.

kamandala ganapathi

Sacredly enforced by Goddess Parvathi!

As per mythology, Lord Ganesha idol in the temple was established by Goddess Parvathidevi which is an extremely pleasing idol. Lord Ganesha in the temple is sitting in a position called ‘Sukhasana’. With one hand holding ‘Modaka’ and the other hand depicting ‘Abhayahasta’. The temple is an extremely holy one as Lord Ganesha fulfills the desires of everybody who visits the temple.

kamandala ganapathi

Kamandala Ganapathi, A boon indeed!

Kamandala Ganapathi Temple is a solution to people enduring ‘Shani Dosha’. And, a boon to all, especially students. Who find difficulties excelling in studies, or who constantly face failures in academic aspects; as Lord Ganapathi is ‘Vidya Ganapathi’ the giver of knowledge. The temple was the only resolution to Goddess Parvathi’s ‘Shani dosha’. Hence the temple has remained highly significant as a great solution to people enduring ‘Shani dosha’ who come from across the country to have their dosha’s resolved.

kamandala ganapathi

Amazing History!

The god of troubles called ‘Shani Devaru’ once served troublesome to Goddess Parvathi Devi and hence she finds it extremely burdensome. Resolution to this, gods and goddesses suggest her to go down to ‘Bhooloka’(earth) and perform ‘Tapas’ (meditation) of Lord Shani. Parvathi then starts looking for the best place on earth to perform tapas. She finds the perfect divinity in a place called ‘Mrugavadhe’ (18kms from this temple).

In order to avoid obstacles to her tapas, Parvathi Devi wanted to offer her prayers to Lord Ganesha to help her get rid of the troublesome Shani dosha. And hence she establishes Lord Ganapathi here. Hence it is said that anybody who comes over to this place and performs meditation is said to be subjected to Lord Ganapathi’s special blessings.

kamandala ganapathi

Why is it called Brahmi river?

Kamandala Teertha is nothing but the place of origin of River Brahmi which is right at the feet of Lord Ganesha. It is extremely holy because it is not just a river but a river created by Lord Brahma himself. Let’s look into its beautiful story.

When Lord Parvathi came here to offer her prayers to Lord Ganesha in regards to her tapas, lord Brahma was pleased by her decision. Hence Lord Brahma comes down personally and blesses her by sprinkling holy water from his sacred ‘Kamandala’(holy pot). This holy water emerged as the divine Brahmi river which we see in front of Ganesha idol. Since it is created by Lord Brahma, it is called Brahmi river.

kamandala ganapathi

How did it originate as Kamandala Teertha?

It sprinkles from Lord Brahma’s Kamandala and as it emerges and flows to a pond in the shape of Kamandala, it is named as Kamandala Teertha. The place of origin of river Brahmi is a small little square platform on an 8 petaled flower-like, carved holy stone which is then connected to flow to the kalyani-Kamandala Teertha. Here, water keeps flowing continually as the holy water in front of Lord Ganapathi throughout the year, ceaselessly which is a real mystery.

kamandala ganapathi

‘Ellu Amavasya’

It is said that Parvathi Devi performed special pooja to Lord Ganesha on ‘Ellu Amavasya’ which is observed on the no moon day in the Margashirsh month (November – December). Hence this particular day is considered to be extremely holy to all especially women.

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kamandala ganapathi

Sacred Sankashti!

Lord Ganesha in the temple is worshipped every day with sacred rituals, poojas, and sanctified abhishekas. Auspicious days like  ‘Sankashti’ (the day dedicated to Lord Ganapathi) and Amavasya is celebrated especially with Maha Abhishekas as a resolution to ‘Grahadaosha’ on these blissful days.

To everybody looking forward to greater academic progress or to overcome difficulties in life or to overall well being of oneself, the holy Kamandala Ganapathi Temple is a must visit.

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